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what a whiney little attention starved bitch whipped drug addict faggot thats gets himself "addicted" to a message board about graffiti,


this little faggot never even put in work.

now he gotsa whine like a dick hurt bitch.


faggot ass bitch.


the younger generation for the most part SUCKS.

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Originally posted by ********

i seen your bitch ass on new years.


i shoulda kicked you and your bitch in the tits.



oh yeah? which "bitch" was that. i was with quite a few women on new years. and where might you have seen me?


and why didnt you "kick my bitch ass"? maybe cause you couldnt have?

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Guest tears*uno
Originally posted by PopGunWar

who cares if i didnt "put in work" im wearing gucci pajamas. what are you wearing?



gucci pajamas. aren't you gangsta there sunshine.

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Originally posted by ********


i coulda smacked the glasses off your face with the minibat up the sleave of my leather, maced you and taken your northface.


go back to being a rich faggot that lives with your parents in colorado.




ha. now i have a clue as to who you are... but it doesnt matter. wow. a mini bat and "mace", i bet you didnt see my buddie's nine in his pants, my bearmace or my razor or dmx's razor or leroys stun gun. hmm that woulda been a funny scene. make sure to try to pull that move next time. we'll see if yesko or preach decides to shoot you in the face.



and quit bein so gay. a leather. wow. everyone has a leather. and my keilselstein cords would in no way be removed from my face, nor would my northface. unless you shot me. then they probably would.


why dont you tell me who you are so we can make this official.




pgw. itk. ae. rackstars.

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p.s. EVERYONE who was chatting with me or even around me on newyears was being friendly...so you can go suck a cock for being a backstabbing twofaced bitch.


its funny that people get so mad over nothing. i dont even write anymore. i just steal. so go cry me a river mister anonymous....try to take some valium and relax a little bit. mini bats and mace arent so friendly on new years.







pgw. spreadin the new year cheer.

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