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Moon Over MIAMI

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wow tht freeway sign looks alot easier to bomb than the ones i see near my area... dope tho...

yeah, its a catwalk over the highway. that walkway has a fenced top the entire way so maybe they cut through to get on top, or walked along the top the entire way. dope spot either way.

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Originally posted by moerawk

take your complaints to customer service kid....that spot is facing traffic its a 2 lane high way baby you just dont see the other half....muah



that shit dont look like a 2 lane high way.....
























or did you mean that traffic is running in both directions

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Originally posted by naw

iuno, i met some writer kid in miami last christmas time, i think he wrote THE or something? or for some crew THE? :confused:


You have to be more specific. Every person in THE is big and hairy. THE is a crew made of a bunch of chico thugs! Their graff isnt one of the names you would mention when you think of miami graff.


I have no clue what THE stands for. I only can remember JPEE, and one big one that wears ******* and has long hair. I caught him tagging a phone booth and he was quick to walk off. Did not bother to talk to him. I have nothing against any writers, but various people told me to stay away from THE. :o

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