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shits hella fucked up right now. my parental units are sending me away up to the middle of no where on the other side of the country cause i get bad grades. at the place im gonna be at they probablly wont even let me to paint. that means im going to have to give up graff, so much stock of my life was put into it and now...blah. erg i hate my life. now i have to leave my friends and my home and live a life that i hate in a place i hate. now that i think about it, my life for the next couple of years it going to be kinda frozen, meaning i will make not be able to hang out with any of my friends, not be able to particapate i my hobbies i enjoy the most and having almost anything else i want to doing be extremely restricted. all for a 'better' education. i don't even know what i would do with a 'better' education. as i try to picture my life infront of me, i cannot think of one job in this whole country that i could get that i could be happy with and now im suppose to spend the next and best years of my life studying away for that job that doesn't even exist for me? is it possible that there are people in this society that can't find a satisfactory job? why is that so hard to understand? shit is hard to deal with. right now im happy that i got place to live and a steady food supply. i just hope i can sort through all this BS that life gives all of us and make some sence out of it. and i hope that if i find a motivation for living my life that it will be enough to push me to suceed at whatever i wanted to do.


words for right now:








i know none of yall care though http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//frown.gif'> . just had to blow some steam. peace and have fun.

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Guest WebsterUno

Dont fret homie. Maybe something good will come out of this, you might meet a cool chic, or find some inspiration. The bay is a cool place, but it doesnt hurt to try new things. Its better that youre going away to go to school, and not prizon. Sometimes our surroundings keep us from reaching our full potential. Streetz iz a muhfucka. Peace.

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i agree with devilush....to a certain extent.

i cried leaving the bay....i had a chance to hop on anoyher plane back but for some reason i didnt...

look at or in yourself

how old r you?

are you going to military school?

will a better education hook you up?

are you lookin to go to college?(art school)

will you be able to work and save while you're there?

you can become a MAN....just dont give up the graff......pee in the snow

been there bra and my life isn't so bad..

hang in there...check us out some time

this place is addicting...leaving the bay isnt that bad...going back as a MAN is kick-ass



peace brother GOD BLESS

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