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philly book


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sounds like you kids just started writing too,because you want to insult me for no reason,if you dont like philly hands,keep your mouth shut,this is the history of your big fancy pieces,and this is the birthplace,its also the hardest city to get over,hence,the style,we are the only place with this style,no other style like it,this is why you dont understand,this is philadelphia,not some suburbitch little town,throw me a decent hand before you talk shit,cause obviously,you can,otherwise keep your mouth shut,and dont take me for a 15 year old white bitch

this is your history

i respect the other styles

but only rock wickets

and run the lrg off out of towners

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PHILLY..........damn i love this place. the birthplace of graffiti..don't get it twisted the man's name was CORNBREAD. ASIA has been around for a fine while in the illadelph but if the name was dondi's then so be it. philly hands are creative as hell..yeah i'm being biased...you must not of seen stuff done by creep,curve,kadism,caem,agent,boza,razz,agua,esteme,peka,speed, kard,todo,nemel,nise and dozens of others..ya'll better educate yourselfs and do a search on the subject...

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Guest whatthefuck!
Originally posted by MSKAWR

this scribble is the worst thing to ever call it graffiti..philly hands are the worst thing evercreated in graffiti..you fuckin suck


you may think theyre the worst thing ever created in graffiti, but they are also the first thing ever created in graffiti...so shut your hole and worry about your part of the country out west, with your palm trees and all, we keep it gangster over here...

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Originally posted by Destruction by Definition

oh yeah one more thing for another smart ass....last time i checked dondi checked out of this world...so i think that would mean asia is free..


Whoa, whoa, whoa... hold the phone. Just because Dondi isn't around anymore, doesn't necessarily mean that the names are up for grabs. Nace is gone too, but you know damn well if someone starting writing Nace again, you'd be on the bandwagon givin' him shit as well...

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