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for Kr430n5_666

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Guest drewWrite

i think i have to print these ones up

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Kangaroo: Dammit kid, don't be such a cock block.



ROBO-BUNNY! Half bunny, half machine, 100% excitement.


The monkey is untouchable. jesus that's funny.



hahaha, this is wat happens when you shoot a poodle in the face, or shake it really hard.

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Originally posted by iamsowack:

captions... captions...

I know!

I'll call Kr430n5_666!!!!!!!!



Ah yes... a wonderful game of mis-shaped tiny people. As you can see, Enrique Gondaza (aka Flaming Stool) has the ball. Notice the look on his face. Why does his look like an ocotpus taking a shit you ask? Well Flaming Stool has the power to unleash molten taco meat. In Tiny People Basketball, attacks such as this one (which is often referred to as Meat Launch of Most Triumphant Death) is acually legal in the game. Other attacks include Random Controlled Exploding, The Mosquito (dont fell like explaing what that is...just use your mind), and The Flatuence Air Kick (as you can see Dan Ti aka MeatBox doing in the pictuer above.) This kick is a most splendid manuver for Tiny People Basketball. We all know tiny people cant jump very high...so what is basically dont here is...simply...a bowel movement in which defies gravity which is then gracefully mixed in with a kick to the face. Astonishing.



(sure i grabbed a few quoted from sites regarding the pictures ive posted, but thats becaue i either didnt want to make a quote of my own, of i felt the quote associate with the picture on the main site was funny enough. simply put. ive made quotes of mine many times,as you see above....




(maybe ill do the other pics some other day)




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