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jenny from the block

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this is the biggest travesty ive ever seen,the raping and pillaging of 2 classic bronx hip hop beats{some shit you just dont cover,akin to if soul cracker justin timberlake covered whats goin on by marvingaye}styles and jadakiss sound decent over the south bronx beat,but id rather they didnt,and afleck is in the video rubbing her butt making guys and girls alike jealous of how utterly cool they are,fuck you,go crash a private jet into the florida everglades on the way from miami back to the block,blaaaeeeegggh

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yeah what the fucks up with that shit.


that shit wasnt even shot in the bronx, so shes dickriding the name, showing shit shot in la and then they blur her tits out.


totally slaughtered that beatnuts beat.

and the hook is get stuck in your head annoying.



fuck that cunt.

and ben affleck.


i hope they get raped by bronx natives.

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Oh SHIT!!!!!

But in all seriousness, hasn't Jay-Z been doing the same shit? The most powerful people in hip-hop are trying to destroy it's past to create a future of thier own design where all the youth know is them? Sounds like sound old education system, historical revisionist bullshit to me. Better not be real. I'm already mad at more important shit.

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Id like to see JLo act wannabe ghetto in front of some 200 pound cholas with tats on their wrists and tits, and then get stomped in an El Monte Kmart parking lot, then shed really be down with the brown. That bitch filmed that Ja rule video in my old hood, and neither of those bitches had the balls to sign autographs for the locals(the one where Ja is in front of the homeboy mural). Id still fuck her nalgas.

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beatnuts were up here in toronto last month and straight up dissed her and the producers in all interviews. started calling them all biters.. "she straight up riped off our beat and gave us no props for it, she's a biter, she's wak, bitings wak, they're all wak, they get no love from the Beatnuts.. ever."

or something along those lines.. it was funny shit to watch.

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Originally posted by chozer

this bitch is soooo wack...



i heard the beatnuts said the same shit when they came through richmond.


Beatnuts interviews are the best....all they talk about is fucking bitches at there shows, and fucking girls....its great....

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^^^^^ you sir...are fuckin' retarded.........I liked The Beatnuts when they first dropped "Intoxicated Demons".....back in '93.....you must have been what?.....let me think....ummmm.....8 years old when that came out..........sorry.paybacks' a bitch sometimes.

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