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Nuke and Defy lick anuses like lollipops

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Top Posters In This Topic

FUCK DEFY! He's bitch-made, I dunno why the NightOwls don't drop him... for that matter I don't know why a bunch of y'all huggers jumped into the spot Mune (God rest his soul) and I carved out... and his untimely death was definately uncalled for, but I still maintain on more late night hours than any american, including the hawaiians...

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melly kalikimaka, or however you spell it...


and props to the humahuma-nukanuka-pooha, I knew a girl like that once, she was called Blue and Circle K was named for her...


and on another side-note... instead of Somoan, some kid on the 12s the other day said "samolian"... I almost busted a gut

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Originally posted by graffsurgeon

fuck glam rock. that punk piece of shit


says his gay little partner...


in fact, anyone want to join me? the boot is big enough for two...


it's just a wee kick in the bum... and we all know he could save himself by writing my favorite patriotic statement LEGIBLY on his butt...

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This shit is mad ill.

I don't hate on LA for postin propaganda. It made me think. It mighta made me sad, it mighta made me mad, but it made me think.

Glam-Rock talked mad shit but sometimes shit gotta be said cause I know if you don't recognize the flip side you might not understand what your even about. And ignorance fuels alot of problems.

I'm really tripping out to see Kr430n5_666 to post in semi-comprehensible statements but that must mean some real serious shit is going down.

I hope I never get banned from 12oz cause it's my lifeblood but I know I can do without.

I'm still in question about Glam-Rock however, but fuck it, that's a gimmick if I ever heard one....


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fuck you. ban me if you want you pussy piece of spum. come up to maine if you want to talk fuckin shit. i dont give a mother fuck id kick your brain out your skull. last thing you want to do is call me gay faggot. ive stuck more girls vaginas then you could count before your older brother fucked you in the ass. catch buckshot you poser. i got my name all over the streets. fuck you brooklyn to maine you cant fuck around

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back in the day, I heard Special Ed say...

I'm high post

higher than most

not from France

but I eat french toast

I'm international

I'm into cash in all ways

got dollars in my pocket

'cause man it pays

to be Smart

I turned my art into an empire

'cause I grow and grow

so you know I never tire

got the status and the clout

no doubt

of all time

I got the rhyme to take ya out!

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On the path of immortality - I walk

I am forever with the stars so plentiful and bright

The gorgeous victory of sheer energy and matter

This is my constellation - reflected in you fear

Through dark tangles of mountainsides I descend

And no other God is as strong as I am

I am Satan...

The lustrous and overwhelming scorn

Mein Schattenbild aus einer zeitlosen Welt

Wird sich manifestieren

And all I see, as I stand above this ancient landscape

Is the horror and death that awaits you...

My wings flare in the cold wind

The delicious stench of blood make me laugh

And for one moment I've felt harmony

As I've seen mankinds end...

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Guest willy.wonka
Originally posted by seeking

if smart didnt ban him, and i didnt ban him, he's not banned...

dont know what the deal is, but no one cares enough about him to ban him. sorry. and theres only person who's been banned more than a couple times, an he isnt him.


its that bullshit that i was dealing with a while back..remmeber?


you guys can bring him back you know....you did it for bodice

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