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Originally posted by seeking

how sad it must be to be so insecure....


you should have asked santa for a life you dont need a modem to live.






im not insecure...im just taking a poll of who hates me and who loves me. and who could careless. im so fuckin rad that i can just do shit like that. and i do need a modem to live. im part computer.

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my profile of you is some kid that was victimised in highschool gone internet tyrant due to the saftey factor ...i dont know this is just what i get from the posts that i read ..



my guess is your a drama student ( or at least should have been)

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Guest willy.wonka

wellm i got most of the "third railer toys" believing that im a internet cop


i tell them things like..i ask if tthey tag adn whats thier tags..some are curious and ask me about my undercover job..i tell them everything i do on the net is being recorded..

im a 40 yr old information gatherer..i bust kids..i seperate the toys from the champs..


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Originally posted by El Mamerro

I'm gonna go dance now.














...oh maybe i didnt get the idea of the thread, all in all after seeing those pictures of you, you really gotta try this new 'self medication' thing ive been hearing so much about in the media.





235 people went out and bought gear to look like pgw.

They're all now whining computer bitches.

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