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this guy is a giant turtle that breaths fire and flys by retrcting his limbs and shooting fire out the holes which spins him an circular motion fast enough that he takes off!!!!!!

GAMERA is a japenese movie in the vein of godzilla ( but in my opinion even funnier) , there are 3 in the series, i think in one he even fights godzilla, check it out ppl.......quality entertainment

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Guest augi returns
Originally posted by Kes_One_HTFD

Willy wonka, thats one scary motherfucker. Hell poison your candy or throw you into that river of chocolate and drown your ass, or get al those fuckin oompaloopas to fuck you up and gang rape your ass. Word Life, willy wonka takes the cake. :lick: :D :D


OMG... that was hilarious Kes One. Makes me want to rent Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. That movie was straight gangsta. :lol:

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