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what i want to know is , are you a writer or just some kid looking for airply where ever he can get it?

im guessing your not a writer, please suprise me by posting a halfway decent peice otherwise you should go talk shit on somother message board... there are plenty of dating sites and shit , im guessing thats what youd be into..

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the pic with the sweater is the only one that is cool. i could see myself wearing clothes like that. onther then that tho, loose the spiked hair thingy. its definitly way to played. i'd keep it down bro. but thats jsut me...

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Originally posted by R. Heydrich

I understand perfectly.


She said that it appealed to her because he looks femenine and non-threatening.


I thought it was funny, anyway.




Just by the amount of flaming posts in this thread alone, you care way too much about this shit.. not to mention the other threads you make fun of him in... almost looks like your jealous

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first off i didnt say I particularly am attracted to emo guys, okay maybe sometimes. But i will say that many girls here where i live do like this sort of thing. AND also i said, PGW doesnt really look emo.


ive seen so much fucking emo fucks to last me a lifetime, and i can definetly say they comb there hair down and swept to the side so much, they wake up looking like that. u know like this...



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