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Barry Sobel

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jeez, I hope I spelled his name right... anyway, I want to meet him, so, I know someone on the 12's has the link, hook a brotha up! I remember him before his bit part on 227, c'mon, you can do it... if you have to, link me with Tracy Morgan and he plus I can join forces to meet up with Barry...


C'mon, get off that shit, just make the call and get him to drop me an email about it all...

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Guest Pilau Hands

"Models are fair game for comics. Why? Because they’re so pretty. Society has no pity for them. But, you know, models scream when you put them in boiling water."


"A couple nights ago, I was licking jelly off my boyfriend's penis . . . and I thought, Oh, my God--I'm turning into my mother!"


SportsHollywood: When you play basketball with John Cusack and Bill Fishman, how often do they suggest a game of shirts vs, skins with you, where they wear the shirts?


SILVERMAN: I've never played b-ball with John Cusak, I"ve only played at the court he has in his office. But, yes, that HI-LARIOUS shirts/skins joke is made by some comic genius just about every time I play, and each time I fall to the ground laughing while I piss and shit myself in comic awe.


SportsHollywood: Which do you enjoy more: Getting a basket in front of a crowd or getting a laugh in front of a crowd?


SILVERMAN: They're both great. You can't compare them. What do you like better: cumming on a porn star's back, or watching your first child be born into the world? --See, they're both wonderful.


SportsHollywood: What is the worst sports movie ever made?


SILVERMAN: Schindler's List.

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Pilau, are you just rubbing salt on my dick? because I'd rather Sarah watch me do that myself... and with the whiskey... seriously, hook a brother up!

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