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Desperate times call for desperate measures right? Sometimes everyday people get involved in things they wouldn’t normally even think of. This is the case with William and Jason. Two guys who’s luck’s been tough lately. We’re not talking about life altering bad luck here just some money problems that sprung up. But these aren’t the kind of money problems you just sweep under that “debt rug” either. See the debt these two share is owed to a Mr. Vincent Capriela. Vincent is a local bookie who fronted Will and Jason some credit to bet on the SuperBowl last week and they lost. Now they owe Vincent over 20,000 and between the two of them they only came up with 7,500. So what do you do to get well over ten grand, your ass starts robbing. And who do you rob that would have that kinda money, of coarse, a bank. Cause no mom and pop shop is gonna have that kinda money or even a grocery store they’re not gonna have over ten grand and even if they did there would be too many people to deal with in a place like that so they decide to go to the basics. This is where we’ll pick up.


Jason exhales the smoke from his cigarette it clouds around Will who is sitting across from him. They’re playing poker in Jason’s second floor apartment as they always do on Friday nights. “So are we decided on the bank we want yet” Will says. Jason drops his poker face for the time being. He looks back and shrugs his shoulders a bit “I don’t know man. I’m not sure about the whole fuck’n thing anymore. There has to be an easier way to get the money.” Will is pissed off now, he’s far more gun ho about this than Jason is “What the fuck do you mean your not sure. Ok you tell me how to get that kinda money in the time we have and we’ll do it your way but until then hit’n this bank is our only way.” Will get’s up from the table, stomps over to the fridge and grabs another beer. “Listen, I have this worked out ok. We’re gonna have masks on so they won’t see our face. And we’re not gonna hit the vault or anything cause we don’t need that kinda cash just enough to keep our fucking heads attached to our necks. One of us takes the guard out with mace and keeps an eye on the people and the other robs one or two of the tellers”. Jason shakes his head “that’s your plan. Jesus Christ why don’t we just hold the place up with water guns.” Will sits back down “I know it sounds stupid right? But the simpler the better. We park right in front of the bank. We walk in together the guard in the First National Bank is always sitting on a chair to the right of the doors and he’s gotta be at least 50 years old. One of us walks up to him and maces the guy and get’s him on the ground while the other runs over to the teller jumps over the counter and get’s the money. Even if one of the tellers hit’s the silent alarm it doesn’t matter because we’ll be in and out of there in under two minuets.” Jason’s warming up to the idea a little more and Will can see it in his eyes. “Ok say we get out of there in two or three minutes then what the fuck do we do. I mean every fucking cop in the city is gonna be looking for two assholes in a black Buick”. “Yeah that’s the tricky part. But I got us a car that we can ditch. It’s in my brothers garage it’s some old car I picked up years ago from a junk yard that I worked on. It’s not registered to me so everything will be cool with the car. I was thinking that we walk in wearing some work jump suits right. Then after we get the money I’ll stick a 2’x4’ through the handles on the front door so nobody can follow us out. Then we calmly walk out of the place with our masks off and get in the car and drive two blocks down where we’ll take off our jumpsuits and step out wearing suits and briefcases, catch a cab like any other person would and get dropped off close to the house but not at the house just incase”. Jason gives Will a firm look. He’s thinking this through step by step being the analyst that he is. He’s going over the in’s and out’s of the whole thing going over the what if’s and all. Will interrupts his pondering “It’s gonna work. We can’t loose”. Jason’s stunned by the whole ordeal he’s never placed himself in a situation like this outside of dreaming. I mean how many of us everyday people really sit down and think out a plan where we put our very lives on the line for an object like money. This isn’t something you just dive into head first and being the head’s up guy that Jason is he starts to question what really matters to him. He know’s that Vincent wouldn’t think twice to take his life over twenty grand. It’s not chump change. How could I have sunk to this level he thinks. Desperate times, desperate measures. They have two days to give Vince his money before something happens. “Ok let’s get this straight though. Nobody get’s hurt in this thing. The only violence that goes down is the taking out of the body guard and that has to be done with either the mace or a taser. I don’t want to be haunted by the memory of taking someones life”. Jason lean’s back in his chair and let’s out a long exaggerated breath. “trust me no one is gonna get hurt.”


Will rises out of bed. He rubes some of the sleep out of his eyes and lightes up a cigarette. He rolls half way over and inhales a long breath, he catches the smell of breakfast in the air. Jason’s been up half the night and is in the kitchen cooking pancakes and bacon. Will rolls out of bed and slips into some sweatpants. He’s still trying to piece together their conversation from last night. Will’s the type that always has to be on top of things. He always has to be ”in the know”. Even though he forgot bits and pieces of their conversation last night he has the jist of it. He knows that he and Jason have pretty much agreed on hitting the First National Bank. “Hey” Will bellows out while yawning. “Your up early”. Jason set’s down his spatula “Yeah I didn’t get much sleep.” He say’s it with an aditude like it’s Will’s fault. “Fuck your beauty sleep we need to get our shit straight here. We need to get organized to the point where we’re flawless. I need you to go downtown and get some masks from some party shop or whatever and then hit one of those surplus stores and pick up two extra large jump suits for us. You see if we got real big jump suits on how the fuck are they even gonna be able to tell what size we were we’ll look like we’re fucking two hundred and fifty pounds meanwhile our scrawny asses will slipp’n right through the cracks”. Jason up to this point was still skeptical but that was the last thing he needed to hear, Will had really thought this through. That was a good idea, Anything to fool the witnesses from getting a good description of them was key to this whole thing. Things were starting to come together now.

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Originally posted by Dirty_habiT

I read that.


i read that ^^


but not what 'thebigjokeis' wrote

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We are the ones in the mist

Are the darkness breed

We pity the one with the horns

And gaze at the hypnotizing starfire

Without words we communicate

Without battles we dominate

Wings for the wind, bones from the woods

One with nature, never alone

Our origin is unknown

Destination never shown

We never serve and never reign

Sacrifices for the stars, swords for the moon

Thorns and stones for your believes...

A cosmos with one colour but thousand shades

Universe of triumphant souls

For you not to feel, not to see

Your water is no blood

Your music no magick

Search beyond the stars

Nevertheless you can't find us

Our world does not exist

And we never lived

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