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Post your crossed out 3A pieces today!

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That's right folks...crossing out stamp lickers is cool and sweeping the country! Just look at what people are saying...


I have crossed out 1 so far and after doing it I lost 10 pounds and got a new girlfriend!

- Cycle


I hate those asswipes. If I did a book on freights I would never put them in it even though they send me packages everyday.

-Henry Chalfant


I don't even paint but I went out and crossed out 3 already. All the packages they send keep me here at the office late every weekend.

-Jim Robertson, Post Office Manager, Conecticut


I sold those kids headlamps so they could paint in the dark and they never give me props. I'm crossing them out for sure.

Chad Chadwick, Store Clerk Walmart.


Post them crossed out jammies!

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