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THE HAWAII THREAD(paper version)


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Tonk whatever u got markers, streakers, prismas, paint whatever u got i'll take it... ALL.. seriously.. i've been tryin to call ur celly but no avail.. call me up maybe u me n akes can do a run... i'll buy whatever u got in stock.. of course at Tonk's Discount Warehouse.. thats where i shop!!:D :D :D ;)

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yea!! STRUK ATK TE looking dope homie! i still got sum of ur pens and a streaker, shoots dude ill keep the unis on hold for yah.

sorry bout that aspx, everything, hahaha are you sure? lol

buy the way see your new roofie! haha funy story maybe a few hours before you hit it i seen it blank and i was guna do it the same night but when i saw it again a few hours later at like 3 in the morning you were up on it, haha what a small world.


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Originally posted by WiggleWhat

yo hapn.. heard ya wanted to battle????


hapns gone done for his style changed too much for him to write hapn, imagine all this time uve been doing your thing hapn has been at home working on style and nothing else. hahaha not saying he had style in the first place. but are u lookin for a battle on the streets? if so youll see who wants some. its all for the love of it anyway right? are u still in highschool? guess ill be seeing you

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