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THE HAWAII THREAD(paper version)


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^^^ cuz my boi ToAST got caught puttin his shyt under the fence.. he was.. pilin shyt up every day back to back... but then, (i forget when) one time a cop seen him pickin the shyt up off the sidewalk and they caught him, but since the store employees didnt see him doin it, the cop jus made him hand over all the shyt and then let him go..! close call though. thas y i always jus wear extra shorts inside my pants and tie a shoe lace around each leg of the shorts INSIDE the pants so u can jus toss everything in there and it dont fall out the bottom! unless u jus a "smooth criminal" idk though.. i aint never seen no cops with binoculars (maybe thas jus cuz im blind as fuck though!) :lol:


and last but also least haha..! this fuken teched out DOLi piece, from the summer..


prolly ONE of the only things i drew with a pencil during the summer :D

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Originally posted by maekr

ey, i like those sketches nevr.kawt

yo thanx man.. those r mostly all from a while ago.. i dont even hardly use that name no more.. but idk, i think i posted sum flix on the hawaii nei thread, (the red FAiNT, an the green an orange one(idk if i think i mite have put the purple MeiKA but i forget if i did for sure or not) :crazy:

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'DEFiN' ...idk, jus sum oooold ass shyt i found, from sum old blakbook..



my frenz name, it says 'ricky'



'SiME' jus sum pen shyt i hit up on the last free page in my boiz book..





this one was for my gurlfren irene, when we were going out..



same with this one...



this was the last thing i drew for her.. we broke up less than 2 hours after i finished it... :o :o


(all of these r pen shyttz except for that red 'DEFin' flick on the top..!)

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Originally posted by Propaganda

I like the style and the design of the pieces. Pretty fresh although It seems your bad structure hides behind it.


muthafukah wtf u talkin bad lettershyt shytt!! fuk u.. jus cuz YOU cant think up a tech piece dont mean shyt, y the fuk all u battle thread muthafukahz gotta front on me for MY shyt.. did i say i was workin on letter structures in those?? did i ask u for ur fuken comments..??? u make lyke im fuken gonna throw them shytz on rooftops or fuken go bombing and do that shyt... if i wanted sum simple shyt for everyone to be able to fuken read then i wouldve made sum simple shyt lyke that... i obviously drew them for my gurlfren, and i jus decided to show them on here.. i dont give a fuk about ur shyt with letter structures and shyt... she lyked the pieces.. and noone else on here is talkin their shyt, fuk if u dont lyke my style or my shyt... then fuken either battle me or fuken keep ur damn trap shut... they are fuken drawings.... from fuken almost a year ago! FOR my gurl NOT for you.. so fuck u and fuck wat u say AND wat u said...!!

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for my gurl... -jus sum shyt i tweakt out on for bout 5 minutes@ my frenz house..!




did i already post this flick? im rEAlly convinced that i already did, but i couldnt find it on any of the other pages... :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:


' FAiNT '

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Re: Yep


Originally posted by EvEnInG.KiD

dope shit man, i saw your DOLi crap around mililani. keep on painting!

yo who is this? and wat doli shyt did u see? i havent been bombing that name in a long time... (i think...) i dont remember if i did any doli shytz lately besides a coupla freights at the high skool... did u see any FAiNT shyt up in millatown anywhere?

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No diss or disrespect 'faint', but i kinda have to agre with propaganda.



the extensions and color make your pieces nice, it took that 'kire' piece to bring that to my attention. if you take a look the "i" is the best letter in the whole piece.


but shit, what do i know? you're probably better than I am.

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Originally posted by anonymity1

You got any simples faint? Just raw funky ass simples, I love 'em. Let's see you switch it up a little


i guess they kinda is simplez... idk jus lyke bombs i usually paint, but with paint pens on a shoe box..! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:






i think ive got a few recent ones, but i havent uploaded them yet.. ill prolly do that 2day..!

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