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"aquiring shit"

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so what do you think i should do??? i am going back to my city tomarrow, its about 2 hours away from where im at now?


should i try to get my money back from my boy and tell him i aint feeling his deal, or should i just stick it out, i believe in karma to, and i was hoping that he didn't get it from a persons house (i was hoping from a store, cuz i wouldn't have felt so bad)


i'm cool if he don't get caught though i guess, and even if he does, which he might, i don't think he'd say he sold it to me, he looks up to me an shit, but you never know when shit hits tha fan, say he did say i bought it, what happens if i got rid of it?

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personaly i wouldnt have taken it to beguin with but i must admit i would have been dangerously tempted..

over the last year or so i have been repetedly reminded that karma is real, so these days i do anything possible to avoid incurring more bad karma...

id give it back, but thats me , i know some of you more " dont give a fuck " type suckas would be loving it...

its your call man...

on the one hand you have a hell cheap digital video camera, and which is good

on the oither you have possible repercussions from the law if your mate gets caught, or if you attract the police's attention for any reason and they want to search your house.

also there are karmic repercussions, who know what form they will take but you will either feel the pain of the person who lost it. or you will recive recompence for habouring stolen goods...

not trying to be heavy here, im just laying it down for you man..

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