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Guest kOmega

nah doesnt matter..

i run a mac and pc ..


upload your picture to somewhere like http://photopoint.com or e-mail them to my ill upload them for you but they better be worth it..

then after they are on the 'world wide net' hah..

get the url of the image in example if you image is called wak.jpg and upload it to photopoint it will be somehting like http://photopoint.com/bahbah/wak.jpg

then you use that url and type this without the spaces..

[ img ] the url [ / img ] that waaala you posted a pic..

and if its too complicated it you shouldnt be posting pics

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you have to find a company that will host your images and allow them to be posted at another website, i was told photopoint works good. after you upload your images, you copy the web address from the picture, then when you come here to post it, put before the URL and have'> after it. you have to put that on every picture or it wont work.





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Guest platapie

hmm.. what ever happened to jumping all over him for not reading thru the posts?

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