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Guest Pilau Hands

kate winslet...i don't know...just...yeah.


i have no digicam...so..

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welcome to my crip.the maid has the week off due to the hoildays so please bared with the mess.I have been forced to do laundry today.oh how cruel the world is..


I'm usually seen wearing one of the below..


Prime viewing for movies and games..



seating for the crowd...



ugly ass lamp.plus movies,photos and cd's



the king of the house and the remotes which if u don't know make it hard to change the channel(so my lady can't change the channel)



interweb surfing area...



part 2 coming right up....

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Guest ctrl+alt+del

if i can figure out how to resize my pictures in an easy manner, then ill post my abode.

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mi casa


note my pig & jer painting, my cowboy/bombing hat and my beloved book collection and the box to my brand new digicam







more books, tv, dvd and vcr (for my old school porn collection) and my "office" replete w/ credentials + diplomas and my computer aka best (and only) friend.








ahh too big, 1st time using freephoto, all taken w/ mi new digi....

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This is near my house. i get to see trains go by :D



the dinner table my family and i seldom eat on.



the guest room



the guest room at a different location






kitchen again






my room. yes, i have been sleeping on that for the past few years. my brother has the other part of the bunk bed. :D



bboy and graff videos. add 10 more videos to that pic since my friends are holding some other videos of mine.



the back



the back at a different location

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Originally posted by YG Blood

Yeah I-Patch-Clan wheres the special guest??



The special guest did not want to be seen on camera so it was a no go..sorry.

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bump for the oldschool 12oz cribs original..


i wonder how people's cribs have changed since this thread..


i may add pics later.

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