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holy fuckinn shit!!!!

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anyone ever see the unknown russian soldier video where they have a boot on the guys head and they stick a knife in his throat???TERRIBLE!!!!!the worst thing i have ever seen and i am usually pretty good with that type of shit,oh fuck!blaaggggghghhghg!!!!!!!

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Guest imported_El Mamerro
Originally posted by TheCemeteryG

What if that was your fuckin mother getting shot, and all these retards log on to see it.



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u wana see something nasty?


if you have kazaa, type in "roof to roof accident" wat u will see of the 50 second video is a guy named carlitos trying to nollie a roof gap and his wheel gets stuck and he goes head first and hits the edge and falls down maybe 10feet, he is not moving at all and all u see is blood gushing out of his head then his friends go down to see wats up and the guy'Carlito" is walkin towards the fence holding half of his brain in his hand saying "yo man im strait im cool" and then he looks in his hand and just falls unconcious.....................................but the funny thing about it is in the background there is a lil kid sayig" WTF DO WE DO.........HOLY SHIT THERE IS BLOOD COMING OUT..........and then at the fence"HIS BRAINS CAME OUT"



oh yeah almost forgot.......the last 3 seconds they show his brain on the ground

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it doesent really phase me anymore ive watched it so much today with my mom and 2 of my boys,{back,and to the left}im almost 100% sure its real cause its too close and clear to be fake,and the guy just sticks it in the side of his throat and saws out through while the guy at first yells a little bit,then he makes a face that i guess is pretty much a face only a guy in his situation would make.pretty gruesome and fascinating at the same time.i was just about to sign up for the russian soldiers,too


p.s who would be doing that to him?it looks recent,an afghani?

or is he not russian,and not a soldier at all?

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