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hungover with a bruise from a sucker punching bitch.......

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so i was fairly obnoxious when i met this cat....

but nothing more and no threats were made on my part nor was there any shit talking from me....


so i see him and his folks that had me over to their house....

im freindly and buy a pitcher for them...



homeboy punk bitch oner was way drunk......


first he tried to pick a fight with a girl.

enough said right?


so then he tries to come at me when im sitting down.


i retain my composure and try to calm him down.


while im sitting down, WHILE I WAS SITTING DOWN WITH OUT PROVOCATION< homeboy punk bitch oner smacks me in the face with a closed fist.


i act undisturbed as it has been a long while since smacked in the nose....

and continue drinking my beer.


i then move back to the bar where the locals lambast for a low intelligent little boy that doesnt know how to be a man.



so now i sit with a bruise on my nose and im pissed off like i wanna call every thug i know and go stomp the shit out of homeboy punk bitch oner.


but that would be acting like a low intelligent little boy.


but i swear, i would knock that shit out that punk bitch.



what really scares me about fighting is blood.


i dont want no ones blood near mine. therefore i try to avoid all situations that lead to fist fights since fists get split along with lips and faces.


i hope he gets hit by a car real soon.


today sucks.

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i dont think its unintelligent to beat someone if they hit you in the nose....

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i hear ya about the blood.but fuck it homeboy just hit you in the face.i would have hit the fucker with a bottle or a mug depending on what i was drinking out of...

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i dont know, the spot i was at was pretty thugged out.


lets say, maybe 30 hells angel ogs and a bunch of thugged out eminems with bitchs right and then there was me, while im sorta thuggish i was drunk with no mace, club, strap, will to fight cause i was drunk and most of all, my thugged out freind were out thuggin without me.


so ignoring the common sense and steering clear of the little boys corner i got myself in that situation, the beautifull bartender who after she seen what happened made sure she got up in punk bitch oners face and told him to get the fuck out and never come back and personally had her 300 pound esai that is the thug of the bar grab punk bitch oner by the collar and threw his ass on to the sidewalk where some older cat beat his ass for me.

i guess were cool.

oh yeah there was tons of cops on the sidewalk busting drug addicts while all this ruckus was going down inside.


my hangover hurts worse than my nose, i slammed hella bacardi after calling 911 cause some bitch was getting raped in my parking lot, and i dont got no cuts or a bruise and was suprised i took a good punch that well.


i think im going to paint today.

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the reason i didnt fight was cause i didnt have to.


after he sucker punched me his freinds checked him and i wasnt about to fight some fool when 10 of his freinds surrounded me on all sides with glass mugs and pool cues in easy reach.

besides that.

im glad was not a little fight happy bitch and only ended up with a mild injury and a non injured hands.

i always look and speak of pacifistic resolutions to the killing and violence in this world.

i didnt do nothing and watched homeboy get thrown on the street with no power to do anything about it.

that was enough.


im sure i done somthing karmatically to get a punch to the nose.


and besides that, i think ima start kung fu soon.



and by the way fluffer?


go back to fluffing gay porno stars and keep your lifestyle out of association with where i live.

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