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Ideal cities and Holiday deppression.

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dENVER is aight'. its a beautiful area, nice weather (always sunny, never too cold for too long). I think its really on the come up as a city. Somewhere I can see myself moving back to when I am ready to settle down. The water part is lacking though, there is a river, but its about a foot deep, and some resevoirs. steel is around, the scene is ok (seems like it needs a new wave of good writers, too many toys and wanna be tag-bangers coming up now), a few different styles here and there. Its affordable, the old part of downtown area is overrun with yuppies though.

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although I've never been.. I think that there is hope in europe. Go there, you may find a place to call home. I don't know, it's just a thought that popped into my mind the moment I read your post.


miss silo & mr. lonely... the perfect american couple in europe?... yes. I can see it all now... strolling down cobble stoned roads, silo working in a cute little coffee shop while living in a flat above it. Hmm.. how about portugal? That's another thought that just came to mind.


Personally, I love the city that I'm in. I have no clue how you couldn't... Maybe because I have only been here for some odd years...

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my ideal city to live in would be rome or venice


no one knows me as i rome around aimlessly around the streets. the old architecture is spectacular and if you run into the right alley way, you can find the most wonderful art museum. i visited during summer, and i loved the temperature. i love the fact that in venice, there aren't any cars. <<sigh>> i miss it. one of these days, we're going to be able to save up the money to visit you ink lunatic and tt.




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i made the mistake of moving to that terrible city your talking about in the southwest and i only lasted three months. it really made me go crazy so i doubt it's the holiday blues. especially if you moved there from the northwest. try mexico, the change in culture will help you get your fix. i love it there.

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Guest mikro137

i wanna move somewhere with less yinzers and more shit to keep me occupied. i love this city , but i need to get the fuck out for a while , otherwise ill have a wicked bowl cut , acid washed jeans , and a starbucks in my hand before i know it. :(

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Guest Dusty Lipschitz

holla at bettie Kr430n5_666!!!!!


ideal cities for me?




the farfarout boonies and sticks

anywhere in greece

costa rica


i know there is no perfect city, or at least that i have found, and they all have their pluses and minuses, and on certain days in certain moods, some seem more appealing to others. my list of places not to move is muchmuch longer...

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Take 1/5 of New York, replace the population with racist Jerry Springer guests who happen to love the Steelers, add dirty rivers and decrepit housing (at "new" price) and a local beer that tastes like shit, and you've got "Blitzburgh". Its like Philly's annoying mentally handicapped cousin. Pittsburgh is constantly competing with Cleveland. Yeah, fucking Cleveland. The water is nasty, 98% of the population is racist, and rent is almost comparible to New York.


Onorok describes it like this:

"...it sucks and it will drain you of your will to be a productive human. It also has the second highest elderly rate next to Tampa. It is the cloudiest and second rainiest city. The buff is ruff, and the trains are a pain. I love it here."


I couldn't have put it better myself.

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id say where i live.

or try vancouver.

but id reccomend bella roma.

cheap places to live, 30 mins from the ocean, buildings well, im sure you can imagine what it looks like, the subway scene is like no other in the world i guarntee that. theres even freight trains here too.

i did it girl, picked every thing up and came here, not one regret.

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Guest socrates

The great thing about the northwest is that none of you want to be there, what's better than having mountains 30 minutes from a city with 3 million, a rainforest 1 1/2 away, canada a 2 hour drive....and all the caffiene you'll ever fuckin need....I wish I was still in the wetlands, I miss the the forecasts of "drizzle" and "chance of rain"

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^^ You know ..I thought I knew who you were and I dont know if its you anymore....if it is..we know each other.


My favorite city of all time is actually Vancouver..I felt alive there..and I spent ten whole years living it up in seattle..I'd live in portland if I didnt paint..The northwest is awesome.Just not for painting..I always kind of assumed Id raise my kids in the Northwest area..Just seems right..but things change..and A new view looks good home front wise..Traveling is a must..I'll figure it out..


I think Im going to buy some fuckin junker car..strap Mr. lonely heart in the passenger seat...and drive untill I roll into somewhere that appeals to me and my future..


Fuck Id live alot of places if I didnt paint..whats with that?


Ink lunatic..Stay in rome! haha..and TT boy it was easier because you had familia to help when you moved there..Spain would be awesome too..but if anything goes wrong we are fucked..





Homesick siloette..

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