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stupidest fashion you ever took part in: admit your sins

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pegged levis and a flannel.


plaid pants and a yellow hoodie.


i wore cross color jeans and jncos.....but never got that retarded with em.



full adidas sweat suit with adidas and adidas beanie......(my freind still rocks shit like this and swears its fly)










now i wear a lot of black and designer labels.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Guest mikro137
Originally posted by post.

i had an undershave.

hot pink on top and leopard spots underneath.

i had a big wallet chain too... actually i still have a (hot pink) wallet chain...



scrunchies around the upper arm.

like 5 or 6 lip smackers necklaces.

big jeans.

bottle caps pinched onto the hems of your hoodie.


damn dude , ok i wont front , i rocked "big pants" also at one point in my life.... i still have a pair , but ill never admit in person to ever liking/rocking em. :lol:

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Originally posted by ese

I did manage to avoid hypercolor and chip and pepper wetwear tho.


hahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was going to say chip and pepper but I didn't think anyone would

know what I was talking about. I remember in grade 6 every guy

had one of those damn shirts. It was right along with the vuarnet t-shirts.



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Guest imported_Tesseract

haha, awesome thread!


lets see


-DR. Martens 14 holers


-Vision street ware hi tops (all star style but all black with white thunders)


-Flight Jackets( the double sided ones black/orange)


- dyed jeans, hahaha i bought those when i was in the states in 1990 and when i came back here i was the shit!


-wallet chain


-wermacht boots (you prolly dont know about that but its a nazi thing that got big)


many more to come

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Guest mikro137
Originally posted by FourOneTwo

yeah because your pants are tight as fuck now


trust me , when youre not in high school anymore , ladies are definately not giving you props for wearing size 38 jeans on a size 30 frame. forreal doe.

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Galaxy washed Levi's, T&C shirts - early 80's

Zodiac shoes and paisley button up shirts - mid to late 80's

Bomber jackets, Toad the Wet Sprocket T-shirts, flared 1970 Levis and just about anything else bought at the thrift store - early to mid 90's


...guilty as charged...

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Guest BROWNer
Originally posted by El Mamerro


-Dual lightning bolts on each side of my head, with an aircraft-carrier-landing-strip-worthy flatop to boot. First kid on the block with them too.


hahaha.....that's close to something i rocked back in grade 8.

extra retarded: a mullet, with the sides shaved around the ears, and

the outside half of both eyebrows shaved. i also regularly sprayed

fluorescent orange stuff along the shaved part of my mullet.

i wish i had flicks.

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Re: Post....


Originally posted by mikro137

remember sleeveless biohazard shirts?





REMEMEBER?? like it went out of style?? that shit is still hot.


remember army jackets and backpacks with a million safety pins on them? oh and wearing your backpack super super low or only on one shoulder.


those were the days of megadeth t-shirts, doc martins,

and sewing a big triangle of fabric into the leg of your jeans to make them extra wide.

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Originally posted by daus

Zodiac shoes and paisley button up shirts - mid to late 80's


ha-ha. I forgot all about the multi-colored zodiacs and paisleys. I remember feeling pretty cool in my new paisley short sleeve shirt. I think I rocked mine over an INXS t-shirt. I think I even sported the trenchcoat with that get up.

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Guest KUKU 1er



Originally posted by SteveAustin

I missed the whole parachute break dancing period, but more than made up for it with the McHammer styled pants (two belts) and Z. Cavarichi shirt.


more than embarrassed.


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army suits with matching hats-high school 94-95{bring back the army suits]

3xl polo and nautica shirts and black winter headbands,guess jeans

starter zip pullovers{mine was a blue clippers jawn,it was on sale}

the goggles on the hat was hot for exactly a week and a half,seriously,some kid came into school and we were like 'you got the hot topic jawns

vision street wear

my sister had a white tshirt that said "cool" in huge black letters

dont tell me your punk skater ass didnt have a fresh jive shirt in 7th grade

now i got bobo's and a frontmullet

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