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brown twinkie

STATE OF THE ART(for audiovisual nerds only)

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anybody on here use MAX/MSP????

or NATO?????????????????????

i'd like to get my hands on nato...i dipped into this shit about a year and a half ago, becuz i saw some Skot video work, and i just remembered

it, so i did a search..check this

shit out, from what i've seen its insane software.... http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//eek.gif'>

nato workshop video here: http://www.audiovisualizers.com/toolshak/v...atoworkshop.mov

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Guest keep

ahh dam, i was hoping this was a home/car audio/video thread. as is i have no clue what your talking about

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Guest imported_SecretAgentX9

never heard of that stuff until now.. that looks pretty ill.. what kind of stuff do you do twinkie??

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i have max/msp. max is like this programming environment thats visual, controlled by 'attaching' different box protocols(?i'm making this up, cuz i don't really know, somethin' like that) in realtime. msp is a set of audio extensions. basically with this shit you have the power to do just about anything with sound, all in realtime interactivity. if you've heard about musicians playing concerts with laptops(?), this is the stuff they use, you have complete control over all the parameters.

its fuckin' hectic. i bought it a year ago and i've tried using it a couple times

but i get nowhere...there's tutorials that came with it, but everytime i open up one of them, i just sit there blank faced....its all very cryptic and doesn't seem to be leading me to what i want.

max is like a host....

with max you can run this nato shit too...and as you saw in the video, you can do sick shit. there's a group called Skot outta austria that do incredible visual work, and they put me on to nato....you can see some of their stuff here: http://www.mego.at/skot.html

go to the skot vs. hecker link mid way down...

if you want to do some max research yourself,

go here: http://www.cycling74.com/index.html

with your g4 you could do some nice shit serk....

my mac's fading hard.




[This message has been edited by brown twinkie (edited 06-27-2001).]

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