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Guest CoreyHaimIsMyRoleModel

Depth Charges. (Suggestions)

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Guest CoreyHaimIsMyRoleModel

I am going to be going on a midnight depth charge mission coming up soon. Along with my elite team of 3, we will be taking 2 two-men rafts, and rafting out to a local lake which is huge... at midnight fully dressed in black camo matching the black raft with walkie talkies to keep contact in the dark dense fog. We will each have 20 two-liter bottles which will be filled 1/4 of the way with sand, 1/4 of the way with dry ice, and 1/4 with water at time of charge drop. We will then drop in a high-powered glow stick (army-navy store issue) and cap off the bottle and send it into the dark abyss of the lake. Hopefully we will see some fresh ass depth charges and feel the blasts. We are also planning on using spliced mortar-shells and other explosives in the depth charges. What are your suggestions on making super-charged explosions that will emit light underwater and kill lots of fish? (Please only real suggestions....none of this bazooka c-4 b.s.)



thank you.


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