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'02 graff awards

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good idea man, I thought i'd keep my selections local, so these are from Perth Western Australia.


Hagar, from the All Mighty crew



Best train ive seen all year is this Eldum by Mudle, also AM.



Best frieght flicked this year, these are just my opinions, Dabue FDP crew.



Keep the pics comming, these are thanks to


-> www.watarush.com <-

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Guest mikro137
Originally posted by Mr Magoo

:lol: :lol: :lol: Mikro...you suck....you do have balls for posting that wack shit for everyone to se though..or maybe your just dumb:lol: :lol: :lol:



suck my fucking balls.

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Guest mikro137

just trying to piss everyone off....


heres my nomination , note* i do not give a fuck , this thread is gay , i do shitty graffiti , and i dont give 2 shits. fuck you , fuck a whole lot of you , i am the king of this award ceremony.















:lol: :lol: :lol:

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oh no mikro im hate the sloon except theres this hot guy there with the perodcicn and yo liek poh my go td i fell off graffiti anyways so who cares okay see you in boston dawg i cant wait... brin ght ecaptain cuase im sick of jac k peeeeeeeacse

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Guest YinzerXpress
Guest mikro137
Originally posted by YinzerXpress







hahahaha king of blings who runs up on legal walls droppin his draws showin his thing ........





i am the motherfucking origional live and direct king of 12oz boredom dont tangle and twist it , cuz nigguh i amz the shit.

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