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Guest Sports Bra#1
Originally posted by Noplatte

the real siner is from LTS.

the real super is from BA

the real mark is from the west coast also.

the real air is from the subways.

the real oil is from coi.

the only real in your family is 2 real

Try again numb skulls.

and for the record fuk u



dont try to drop knowledge you dont have fuck boy

the Air your talkin about is from Chicago and bombed in NY in that episode of video graff you probably watched over and over.

What mark is on the west coast?

coi is oiler not oil

and jesus you think the siner from la is the first person to write siner. what about sin ua retard.


your always tryin to drop some knowledge and dont know shit. your probably one of these henry chalfant, cheerleader fan types who dosent even paint.


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