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hey guys im new to graffing so help me out.

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Originally posted by segar

hey mr cwalk nice zroe throw over vaper you guys are funny! but you know that hore flick thats on this post? well if you look real close to the right side you will see what is left of a skape piece. damn too bad skape loves kapers letters so much why is that? kape and sKAPE wow! its almost the same huh? mr cwalk you really seem like a cool guy who knows alot about graffiti mabie you should get of the gp's dick and just live your own life and stop talking about us in magazines it just makes us want to fuck with you more.

it seems im going to jail for a while so i really could care less about anything you could have to say so keep it to yourself and put your anger into your pieces or something? too bad i really was starting to like your new shit...to bad your still a dick and cant let shit go.


Go Phucken Kry


damn how did i miss this...hahahahahahaha...hella funny....im sure skape is really gonna miss that one sucker...hahahaha.......why dont i get off gp's dick....that is classic right there...classic classic classic.....i dont care about any of this i already have told u when we see eachother then it will be dealt with thats all...any of ur crew,,,infact all of em..i know i could take on at least four of u guys by myself...anyways in closing let me just remind u that never ever ever ever will ur crew be able to step to us...ever...yall cats just arena ball...

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