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what now???

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aright, last summer i was at a party which ended up getting busted.

I went to court and got a 100$ fine

and was told to take an alcohol awarness course and turn in the certification of completion within 60 days, it's been longer than 60 days

and i havent dont either one of these things. My dad knows about them too. We talked about them the other day, he almost acted like he didn't care, it's just weird...

he's a smart man, and he cares for me and all... but i almost feel as if the whole court thing was just bullshit.

another reason is also because, at my hearing the judge

asked my dad why he declined diversion, ONLY

to find out, that i could have been off the easy way, and gotten a 90 probation thing or whatever, meaning if i dont get into any trouble i dont get anything.

well the fucker declined it? even the judge asked him why he declined.

my dad replied that i had a job and he wanted me to pay the consequences.. but other than that.. we don't talk about it and it almost seems like the court doesn't care either..

so yeh. its been way past my 60 days, in fact i forgot about it until talking to a friend hes going to court soon.

is the reaso they are so lax, because they know i could have taken diversion anyway? or are they eventually gonna punish me further with a heavy fine and/or more classes? anyone's help is good.. thanks

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