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eminem vs cage

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dude, i used to have a crate of mike zoot promos. too bad i threw em all out.

i need to get on some euro e-bay shit, and unload all my old vinyl. i've got ALL the old underground shit.


i wonder what i could get for a juggaknots original vinyl...

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Originally posted by ETHREADZNY

neither, personally I think Ill bill is where the talent is at.


ive only heard him on el-p's fantastic damage and he was wacker then my ass crack.


but since i dont kno him and thats an opinion im not haten. but in my eyes personaly i think the real new up and coming talent is with mr.lif

that guy is gonna take off. he has crazy skills. and copywrite is way better then cage. but cage is way better then eminem. but then again aseop rock beats them all. but then again el-p is fresher then fuck. but aswell the roots are a classic. and jedi mind tricks are harsh as hell. well thats enough of that. shut up cultural me.

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Originally posted by ~KRYLON2~

fuck eminem its all about juice.........UNDEFEATED SINCE '91



and by the way juice battled eminem and served his ass


yeah man, juice has gone on to do so many great things! i mean, he had that 'how we chill' 12" and... ummmm.... ok, thats it.

juice is a joke. a one hit wonder.


not to mention, were you there? did you see it? juice didnt 'serve' anyone. since day one everyone has claimed em got robbed.

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Originally posted by seeking

dude, i used to have a crate of mike zoot promos. too bad i threw em all out.

i need to get on some euro e-bay shit, and unload all my old vinyl. i've got ALL the old underground shit.


i wonder what i could get for a juggaknots original vinyl...


haha, tell me about it... i've got several old zoot promos, but i've never really been into selling records. done some trading though, and actually traded a record bag full of stuff in london (all older underground- mostly doubles and promos) for a whole new full bag of good stuff. i've got the juggs too, in mint condition as a matter of fact- seen them pushing 100 balls on ebay... :) i don't think it's one i could part with though... you'd sell it? i had two but i gave one to a friend for a birthday. he wasn't a rap fan but he loved clear blue skies... oh well, can't say i regret it that much.

other notables- check your collection-

1st company flow OP- worth a lot...

old makin records singles- esp natural resource baseball/bums (btw, i'm looking for "bums" remix if you have it ;)...)

all fondle 'em- got em all except for the original cenobites

earliest rawkus- esp. mos def "if you can huh.."

and that's just ny underground hahaha... for some reason all of the west coast stuff goes for crazy $ on ebay- if you have 93 til or no need for alarm, that's cream... also all balls- got the original promo, autographed actually from 96...

i've got all of the above minus the souls and that one natural resource...

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yo seeking im not trying ot call u out so dont come back at me with all big words n shit trying to diss me for my opinion but here goes....

i think eminem started good...fell off big time and is coming back now..

..the 8 mile soundtrack is out standing(the cuts he was on)

the eminem show was decent, not that great to me..basically the marshall mathers lp with a bit more vocabualry and some more political views.

i think cage is dope, i have since i herd radio head...cage used to suck a whole lot and ill be the first to admit it...he sucked hard cock at the beggining...and was stupid enough to keep dissing eminem when em pretty much jus gave it up.

cage is dope now...all the new cuts on his album were top chioce for me..and nighthawks fucking ripped it superior for me..i loved it.

nighthawks was great, especialy in the time frame the completed it in.


and about how u said ill bill was decent man....listen to the freestyle over the memph bleek beat, or the new song with beatnuts-yae yo or somthing liek and come back and tell me hes only decent...ill bill can flow so well at times and on the right beats...i think ill bill might be one of the most talented out there...cause he can flip it to anystyle.

"run up in police precints with assault rifles, kill police and throw bibles"

when i herd that, i was a fan for life...

so once agian seeking theres no need for u to come and try and rip on my for this shit,....its jus a discussion.


yea alot of my spelling is off, fuck school


all and all...i think cage got him...cage is getting better and better..eminem is slowly dieing out..and its a shame cause he has skill...but he complains way too much about shit

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ummm no. sorry man, i'm not trying to be harsh or a dick either, i understand it's just discussion...

ill bill is a joke i'm sorry. non-phixion used to get just laughed at in nyc in the 90s... they'd always be opening up and get no love in their own city and that's because they were bad. no other reason. they also have always reminded me of those huge white boys that started to show up to hip hop shows around that same time and wanted to flex their frat tattoos and start fights. but that's another issue. (ri has a lot of these dudes for some reason):)

seeking pretty much summed it up with cage... see "saying nigga and snorting coke..."

and jedi mind tricks... another stupid group. have you seen them live before? awful. how can you take a group seriously with a white fake muslim who either wears some chinese straw hat or a fubu wave cap and is a terrible rapper (no joke, he the fubu wave cap at a show i saw in like 97 haha) and that other dude who sweats saying the word "faggot" like it's going out of style. he's a poor man's freddie foxx. some of their stuff i have liked- that song with the rhodes organ was nice on their last album, but overall, i just can't take them seriously. and when it comes down to it, it's about the music, and none of these people come close to hacking it.

i guess my point is, that none of these people are really terrible, but none of them are good. to me they're obsolete.

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t-bell bomber.

haha, im not gonna argue or dis you. you can like whatever you want to.


tearz, someone jacked my copy of 'no need for alarm' last time i played... im still pissed about it.

im waiting for the old anticon shit to start pulling in big dollars... i'll be raking in the dough.

i dont have all the old fondel em stuff, but ive got enough to buy myself a new pelle pelle jacket, and thats all that matters to me.

jigga what? jigga who?

i wish they didnt re-release (bootleg) everything good in the last couple years.


and finally, no, i couldnt part with blue skies. thats one of my favorite hip hop albums of all times. i do think, however, i could do without my lord sear, godfather don, pumpkin head, etc, etc... and yeah, ive got some west coast shit i could unload too. ive got a green vinyl CVE EP, from 96. they made about a thousand of em. theres gotta be some japanese kid willing to trade his sister for it...

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Seeking you fuck with Canibus?


You seem like an intelligent dude so I figured you might like him.


That's where I got my quote from, even tho I dont think circularized is a word...


But the shit about the Library of Alexandria is on point/interested.


He's a fuckin smart dude, I like his approach

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im not sayin those people who dont like jedi are dipshits but im just gonna qoute a few lines for ya.



"my peeps walk the streets with stolen heat like prometheous/" -jus allah


"...repeat the gun twice-i laugh as i cast the first stones at christ/" -jus allah


"...infliecting damage on your glick circulatory-causeing hand spasams/ grip through your mother fuckin temple like phantasam/" -ikon


"from heaven exiled-comin outta my shell like metal projectiles" -jus allah



now i admit that ALOT of their shit is wack as alllllllll hell. but they have about 7 songs that could rip anyone up.

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I borrowed the last eminem CD from my friend for a couple of days

and promply gave it back without burning a copy or downloading even one song

to my computer. There wasn't one decent song in the batch.

Dude fell off before he ever really got on...

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'berg, i like some of canibus' stuff. dude has amazing potential and yet still makes some of the most corny fucking songs ever.

i dont know.

he needs some quality control in his life. he has some lines tht are absolutely incredible, but then others that you're like 'what was dude thinking'?

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i don't listen to either.


i don't like cage...every now and then he'll have a decent line, but his whole delivery, concept, and everything is really derivative. he looks like a frat boy. and he and copywrite suck live. at first i thought i was feeling it, and it got really boring, really fast. so fuck him.


eminem is decent. overrated and underrated. i think he'd rip cage in a battle, and that's judging from what i've seen of him on video in scribble from way back in 97. but i may be wrong, because i don't know anything about cage's freestyles.


is this actual beef or some fanboy's hypothesis?


also, why bother listing white mc's? mc's are mc's... and eminem makes too big of a deal about himself being white, as if no one's done it before and as if there aren't better white mcs out there.. that's my primary beef with eminem, i don't give a fuck that he's white, and anybody who knows jack shit besides what they see on bet and mtv probably doesn't really give a fuck either.

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eminem robbed at scribble? i don't know about that. it's funny how most of his punchlines showed up on the slim shady lp...


as far as the whole "eminem vs. cage" thing goes, cage is pretty much just playing himself. eminem has been smart enough not to give that jackass any more attention, whereas cage just can't let it go.


anybody ever heard of Doom Tree? they're from here. they're about to go on tour with josh martinez i believe. they seem to be the best new commers in minneapolis.


was josh martinez kicked out of anticon???



hiphop sucks.

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i like cage, i think hes got some good concepts, and i think hes creative. his voice is interesting, i like how he has 3 distinct sounds that he uses constantly. i think his delivery could really use some work, but when he has the right beat (like "too much" from Movies For....) he sounds dope.

that said....



eminem is probably the most technically skilled mc ive ever heard. hes got the upper hand on 99% of the rap world. i think hes only gotten better, hes at the point now where he still uses the crazy ass rhyme structure hes always had but is able to tell a storie with it. he can stay on a topic without losing any of the complexity. i dont even really listen to him very much, but hes damn near untouchable. and by the way, hes not the only "famous" rapper talking some political stuff... Jay-z, trick daddy (!!!), nas, etc. all have released political songs recently (some more political than others).


eminem was better than juice at scribble 97, in my opinion. juice sounded a little better, but he couldnt compare with eminems punchlines (haha, a LOT of those did show up on later songs).


hahaha, i love ill bill, and non phixion too. i think there is a time and place for it (any time, any place). its not the most progressive thing out there, but its good (in my opinion). the album had a lot of nice beats, and some really good tracks. i dont think ill bill or sabac can touch goretex though, his newest singles are dope.


i like mike zoot, or at least i did last time i checked...that was about 4 years ago, so things may have changed... i remember he was on some of the early rawkus era posse cuts with mos, punch and words, makin records people and all of them. i remember him and el da sensei had a real dope track...


extended famm rules.

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oh yeah, one more thing....


josh martinez sounds a little to much like lyrics born at times, it makes me uncomfortable.


and if you havent heard it, check out the song Thug Holiday by trick daddy... its almost weird how politically charged that song is (for mainstream radio rap, esp. for trick daddy).


paris still rules.

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whoever said that eminems last album was good are stupid. that was the biggest load of shit i've heard. the beats were AWFUL and the rhymes are tired as hell. i am hoping and praying he goes back to doing funny and mindbending rhymes again cos this whole 'my life was so bad' schtick he's been pushing for the last 2 albums is bor-ring

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Eminem is easily better than Cage. Whether we like it or not, theres alot more to being an MC than just having nice lines.


This was something posted a couple years ago by a guy named GoldenChild in alt.rap, take it for what you will...


I can't believe what I'm hearing in here. All I hear is "But his skills

blah blah blah". I thought some of you were MC's? Of course skills are

important, but your words aren't everything. Listen, having presence,

charisma, and personality are skills in their own right. People say shit

like "Well, Ja-Rule is wack, he only sells because of this and that".

No, he sells because he has presence and a persona. He's not just a dude

on the mic, he creates a character, it's alot like acting. See, to me,

these things are basic things an MC should know, you guys not kowing

these things leads me to believe that ya'll are some fake ass MC's. A

guy like Ras Kass will NEVER blow up because he has no presence. A guy

like Kiss will blow up everytime 'cause he does. It's not that he's

watered down so people like him, it has nothing to do with that, it's

the skill behind the skill. I could coach a regular MC into sounding

like he's been making albums for years and the methods are so simple,

the fact that you guys don't understand them are ridiculous. And to me,

if you don't even rap in a studio then your opinion holds no weight

because you don't even understand what you're listening to. You're like

a girl rating an actor on how good he looks, because you're not seeing

anything but the obvious. Jay-Z, Kiss, Method Man, Snoop, Eminem,

Outkast, Nas, Ghostface, Biggie, 2Pac, Foxy Brown, Bleek, Noreaga,

Shyne, Nelly, Ja Rule, DMX, Slick Rick...what do all these guys have in

common? That they all sell records? Yes, but why? because they all have

presence and personality and they understand how to spit on a mic. The

Genius, Ras Kass, Inspektah Deck, Drag-On, The Beatnuts, Sauce Money,

Kweli, Rosco, Mic Geronimo, Kurupt, Company Flow, Afu Ra, Jeru....what

do all these guys have in common? That they DON'T sell? Yeah...but why?

because they don't have any presence or personality. And it's not like

these cats haven't tried to sell out, but it hasn't worked 'cause they

don't have the charisma. All I'm saying is, it is RIDICULOUS to play

that off as something that doesn't even count on the mic. People say

"But look at the skills", okay, lets look at 'em...okay this cat has

better writing skills, but this one over here has better all around mic

skills. This is the exact reason why every internet MC you hear is

boring to listen to and puts you to sleep, 'cause they don't understand

how to use the mic, they just know how to rhyme (if that). Stop

believing that these MC's that blow up were given a Million dollars on a

platinum platter. They had to grind and go through the underground

passage to make it the promise land just like every other MC. The reason

they got there quicker is because they understand what I'm saying right

now. One.

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