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cage or eminem?

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yeah they're pretty close, they both have some good verses and a lot of crappy ones, and i think they could both be tight if they put more work into their shit. download cage f. copywrite - the weather report, thats a good cage verse. ive never heard an eminem song i was really into, the one from 8 mile isnt bad, but again he could put more effort in. his patterns are tight sometimes, like cages delivery is tight sometimes, but a lot of the time both are wank.

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Originally posted by I-Patch-Clan

old eminem freestyles are dope.his newer stuff is boring..


I haven't heard alot of Cage's stuff.From what i've heard he seems ok..


SLUG and AWOL ONE kill them both...



wow, right. i went to an awol one show a few weeks back. that was the weakest most fucking boring show i have ever seen, EVER! that cat has no stage presence, no deleviry skills, just fucking WEAK!!

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eminem blows cage out of the water in skills,but chorus's suck,and i dont care about his family,he approached his fame wrong and instead of songs like cleaning out my closet,which is plain terrible,he should do more like,square dance,purple pills,and the one about mushrooms,he is naturally funny,and it works,however he is boring as hell when hes serious,skills or not,thats why big pun was better,always hilarious,and clever,he only used what worked for him

cage has beats,and 1 clever line per corny one,he has some funny shit going on,but he says a bunch of shit that is just plain corny,not as gifted as eminem,though,and eminem would eat him alive in a battle,i think however,that big pun{i bring him up again,because he is similer to eminem}in his prime would clown eminem

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