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Guest TrustEvil

you run around dropping names and then have the audacity to complain ? you should have kept a little dignity and excersised some restraint. damn, you think that was a low blow ?, hell you ain't seen nothing yet. if you care to crawl up from texas and cross the snowy tundra, i'll always be waiting to get mine, as you put it.

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A2M definitely has one of the most distictive styles and are always on top of the game... if you're dissing them, you're a fucking idiot. They kill freights. They kill any city they're in. With style. Maybe i'm biased cuz I don't like crazy ass wildstyle like FX or AM7 very much (i'm not dissing them though - by all means, they probably have the best skill in the business..), but you can't tell me A2M dosen't have any style or they're jumping on a trend - they basically brought a euro style to the US and perfected it, with everyone on their nuts in the process... Also, who gives a fuck how a piece is done.. if it takes 3 hours or 3 minutes... if it looks good, it looks good. so, get over it and get up - then bitch when you're bigger than they are.

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Guest upinsmoke

That very first lewis is faaar from original... the first thing I thought was MBER... the piece that has the lower case e jumping out of place to the side of the car... it has such a MBER flavor to it... also like the chick magnet car... just an observation... But all these styles... everything seems to have been thrown in a giant blender... shit, 70% of americas style looks like this... and its not like A2M was doing it for years, them everyone jumped on it, Everyone in america slooooowly got on that shit at the same time... some just did it often enough to get most noticed... that doesnt mean they were the origniators, just that they did it most. I cant tell anyone apart anymore. so stale. who said cloning wasnt possible was dead wrong. this shit has run its course about a year ago.........

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fuck everyone put in thier two cent s so heres mine> i like alot of this shit ,some not as much . A2M has a fuckload of trains and i see worms up like more than anybody, and his shit is fresh. VIZIE AND NEKST are two of my favorite painters no doubt, doing a dope burner that takes 4 hours is dope ,doing funk letter peices that take a couple of minutes is dope and a lot of fun , some do it better than others , there is tons of talent in this crew.pause is dope Brews is dope everyone in this crew is definintly talented. a lot of this stuff is just too dope for words some is not , :crazy:

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Originally posted by fr8otech



I got some others, but this is all for now.


It's sort of hard to get a grip on why you Americans love freights so much, when all we do over here in Australia is passenger trains (mostly anyway) But this photo really brings home the bacon. The fact that you can stop at a crossing as a freight train passes, and see cars and cars of pieces, really makes me wish we had a freight scene like that over here.

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