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when a bro's after your ho...

Guest --zeSto--

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Guest --zeSto--

Ok here's the situation,

my parents went away on a weeks vactaion..

and they left the key to.... ah fuckit.


so what's with my boy?

I've just started hitting this hot young skin,

and he's all over it. He's calling her up to hang out. Talking about music and the shows they want to see. It's one thing is buddy beats you to the finish line, but if you're already in with a girl and then he tries to catch up. like ALI G said.. "what the fucks wit dat man?"


here's the tricky part..

all my friends are dogs. that's no suprise. But when you think you call home free and someone's still trying to tag out out...w.t.f?? And I know if I drop this girl, he'll try to pick it up quick. Or maybe this shits all in my head. Maybe she just cool like that. And maybe he's not into the whole hotgirl thing.


should I lead with a drop-kick,

or just lay the tiles right the first time.

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Originally posted by mapo wc:

Im first. Take that willy!wonka..


Jeezuschrist. Who cares who responds first. Fucking ass. Add something constructive or shut the fuck up. That goes for all you lame ass fucks doing "first" shit. Stop. Jeez-o McCheez-o.



Toilets are for the uninspired.

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the only bad relationships i have been were with girls that were cheating on me.."think she might be cheating on you?" she probably is...but you say your boys are dogs...birds of a feather flock together...

if you have that playa mentality..it might be in your head....you should tell your girl what you KNOW whats going on...and you dont like it...


my last girl did the same thing...always over at his house always wanting to go over there..work together and she drops him off every night....but i seriously think she didnt fool around...it was in my head but then again it wasnt...she was fasinated with his ass..i told her i didnt like it and so i showed no love...she swore to me she never fucked around...but that wasnt the bloomin point now was it...

for girls...make them feel guilty...tell your boy you dont like the way he's all up in that pussy of yours....dont have her tell him...it would be better to tell him first then tell your girl....

if she tells him some phsyciolgical thing happens where they want each other because it would be sooooo bad it would feel sooooo good..ya seen...?



1.tell him first

2.guilt the broad

3 after guilting the broad...make her feel like you're the only one she would eva need...treat her good and take her out to see final fantacy comin out july 11th..



good luck compadre

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Guest aymet one

Just square his ass right in the chops, then sock her in the domepiece too, then go beat some old people with a sack of doorknobs.


Sorry, I couldn't help myself. If you really are worried, confront your boy. If it turns out she's fuckin around on you, kick her ass to the curb. Easy as pie. MmmmMm... pie...

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just please her like no one has pleased her before. give her all the pleasure she wants for a while, and when you feel that she's really into you because you've been sooo good to her, you can expect it back. its like hittin two birds with one fat rock. she only pays attention to you cuz you please her like a queen, and in the end you'll get lotsa please back. BOI OI OING!

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Originally posted by BoB Hope ONER:

have you fucking confronted him.. or are you gonna fester like a pimple or worse.. gangreen.


because if you fester.. im going to call you pimple from now on.


not to say girls are property or territory but you were first so your friend should step back, but it comes down to who the girl likes. if she likes him, what are you gonna do? nothing you can do.

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...one last thought or konfession...make sure everyone is one the same page...cause if youre in the heavy grey, shit always happens...ya know like you guys are just hanging but everyones trying to be cool and indifferent, saying things like 'nah, man we aint dating, its nothing!'...cause well zeSto, the gurl may end up goin for long walks in thunderstorms with your boy, talking and playing in puddles, until they end up rolling around in the rain...just a suggestion from the other guy...rOe

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Guest --zeSto--

well...so many responses...where to start?


Bob.. you call me a pimple and I'll call you gangrene.


yes..I've hit this up many times.

(even 2 hours after I made this post)


CHIZM- that's exactly what I do!


***and I think I found the solution..

we just got very loud *wink* while he was in the other room. That should make it concrete. If he stills wants to be her 'no-sex' friend, fine!


fuck Ann Landers.. just ask around.

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  • 2 years later...

jeeze moogs... that's from really deep in the crates.


I wasn't even sure of which girl it could have been

untill I read the entire thread... but now I remember.


I think it went down like this...


He tried to make a move on her and she stoped it.

She told me (and everyone who would listen) about it

and it all came back to get him. Luckily I found out early

and really put the stress on him. Most everyone got serious

pissed at him and he got another black mark on the record.

We're still cool and we got over it. Apparently she didn't stop

it as quick as she should have, and later that part of the story

came to light. I still dont trust the guy around girls, but no one

else does either (and not just from this senario)


The girl on the other hand got completely cut off from pretty much

everyone who knew her to the point where her roomates kicked

her out and she had to move out of the city to go back to the folks.


Twisted that she wasn't as guilty as my buddy, but still she wasn't keeping clean,

and she was the one cut off. Oh well.

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