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^Yeah, I tried that for about 5-6 weeks also. Thought I was doing great, but would end up drinking much more over the weekend to make up for lost time. Then every Monday & Tuesday would be withdrawals or daytime drinking at work to cope. After 5 weeks of that, I went on a trip and threw the non drinking weekdays out the window. Ended up drinking everyday for another 6-7 months and not being able to just drink on the weekends. I feel much better now that I haven't drunk in 3 months. I can't go through those ups and downs every week.

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so I tried to dry out a little today from the opiates, so I got drunk. it worked and i fell asleep around midnight, woke up fucking restless and crunchy and feeling like shit around 330am when the drunk wore off and there was no dope in my system. now im sitting here, cant sleep, whole body on some restless leg shit. but im not puking, so congrats?

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Question, figured you guys would be good place to ask:


I've broken my leg and am consuming around 60mg of both immediate& extended release oxycontin a day...this seems like a lot and even after 5 days I'm building up a tolerance. The nurse and Dr's say you can't develop any tolerance that soon, but common drugs are so subjective and I know my body and the oc's are not working like they used to. How long did you guys who used the oxy's find they were effective before you had to adjust the dosage?


Honestly I don't know how people find this to be enjoyable.

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unfortunately I'm not sure how good my advice can be, considering you are taking them FOR PAIN so your experience of the drug is drastically different than mine. for people with legit chronic/serious pain, ive heard the high with these drugs is really kind of whatever. 5 days seems pretty fast to build a tolerance though. sorry that was totally unhelpful


you could ask them to switch you to a different kind of painkiller?

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