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Get over yourself.








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Moe - if there are any programs in your area I suggest trying one out. In many places you can get into a brief residential or outpatient treatment covered by insurance wether you are employed or not..

RIP PoZ. Sent hope through an internet graffiti forum.   I'm three years sober today and my life has never been brighter or calmer than it is today.   To anyone struggling with the

Oh my. It’s been a few and I was finally able to sign in. But have been keeping slightly up to date via emails.  Props on the 3 yrs, protester. I’ve been seeing a lot of reminders of POZ this past wee

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I am just 2 months shy of my first year truly sober.


No marijuana or pills coke etc. No drink.


It actually feels like a real big accomplishment.


I was doing the "sober" thing where I thought I didn't drink so I was sober....I did that for 3 years. I still had super addictive behavior, I couldnt control my drug use and it was also leading to some other at risk behaviors.


For me 100% sober is the only way to really go. I am even doing the 12 steps, and it doesnt matter to me what folks think about that. Every relationship I have worked to destroy has improved.


It has been hard to hit meetings with a new born, but I am going to hit one today, 100%.


Not sure why I am ranting in here, seems like the last couple pages have fallen off.



I am trying to deal with my alcoholic brother who I work with, it is so hard to deal because I feel like I know the answers and if he would just listen to me!!! Haha that never works, all I can do is lead by example. Hopefully the disease doesn't kill him.




It is a good idea to try and quit on your own for a given period of time. It helps you to understand your control or lack of. I tried to give you some positive rep for getting on topic, but I must spread rep.


Keep doing your thing fellas.



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yo ralphy, congratulations man. that's fucking huge.


i tried every way besides the entirely clean thing... meetings and step work has been the only thing that truley worked.


i am 15 days away from my year, and it has been the best year of my life, by far.


keep doing what you do brother! shit is a fight everyday.

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Congrats, that is no small feat. I've been to meetings, while some stuff is helpful, it just feels really awkward, and I don't get the chance to speak and share highs and lows. Maybe every meeting is different? I don't know, meetings won't deter me from drinking, where as exercising and skateboarding will.


Yo I haven't been getting traditional hangovers lately, it's been more of a weird stinging pain on the side of my head. it's strange.

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My girlfriend just got out of rehab for alcohol. She was in there for a month. Her being in there really made me look at myself and be honest about my drinking. I decided to give sobriety a shot, for myself as well as to be able to be a positive person in her life. I've been drinking heavily, as in almost everyday for about the last 10 years. Tuesday will be 1 month sober for me, with the exception of one slip up. Thats the longest I've gone without being in jail lol. She's been sober too, and this past month has been great. I feel awesome, lost about 10-15 lbs, am finally sterting to feel like I can think again and general bullshit you have to do day to day to survive just seems about 10x easier to stay on top of. Dont know how long I'm gonna do this, don't really think about it like that, all I know is I am enjoying life sober and have not felt like drinking nearly as much as I thought I would. I think my girl has a harder time with urges and triggers and what not, but she is hanging in there as well.

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props ralphy...


must spread rep an all that...


i wouldn't say i'm an alcoholic myself... but i'll fully admit i drink a lot more than i should. i have aboot 4-6 pints a night. and aboot at least 12 if i go oot on a friday or saturday night.


i don't want to stop drinkin' completely. i just need to discipline myself more with it. before i go right off my head and start crackin' tinnys first thing in the morning...


i think lack of entertainment is my main excuse... and after a shit day at work it gives me something to look forward to. but i'll need to stock up on more non alcoholic beers, they're a total placebo for me...

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i used to drink a shit load of non alcoholic beers....


after a couple years i just said fuck it and stopped, but it helped a lot a first...especially if i went out and my lady was drinking i would have a couple non alcoholic beers


props to everyone out there trying, take it one day at a time

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pushing onward after something of a relapse upon my arrival to Portland.

when i get into little slumps throughout the day, i go buy something fizzy, a soda or perier or whatever, and when i begin drinking it, it lifts me up a little. surely has to do with the fact that i'm tricking my subconscious into thinking its beer...


pretty weird


i'm trying to keep this going. feeling better at this point.

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poz how many consecutive days have you got under you belt at one time since you were sobering up on the island..


it can be hard to try and get sober after relocating, we find comfort in the bottle and so it will attract us in a unfamiliar setting.


at the same time, not knowing anyone gives you a good chance to plug into sobriety and not have many outside influences.


it is what you make it i guess.

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had 3 weeks before i bounced out to PDX. drank for about 2 weeks straight when i got here, then one week ago was the last drink. i think it'll be okay. i've gone to several festival type things, even had girls trying to get me to drink with them, and i held it together. that was the only time that i wished i could have drank but i knew it wasn't an option. been on the job hunt since. i guess i just got over-excited about being here and blew it off as an "exception" or whatever excuse i had. i'm gonna ride this shit as best as i can.


before Hawaii, there was a period of about a month that i didn't have a sip of alcohol, all my own choice. i wasn't really floundering or anything, just decided to chill.




sobriety is winning me over. it's just hard to break the habits and all that...



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pretty much...


i don't know, i've never been one to care about the hate on here... it doesn't bother me if some anonymous cat wants to talk shit. when it comes to real shit, it may be sparse to find, but it's around. like i've said before, i as well as the people who know me "in real life" know i'm not a punk or any of that.


it's cool to see which folks in here actually have insight into the shit that affects some of us. there is definitely some good folks around here... it's appreciated. this thread has definitely helped me... that hypes me.

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i do still drink occasionally but mainly just a few glasses of wine, for some reason drinking wine doesnt give me the urge to go crazy, but recently I have been really craving beers and spirits, I know why it is because my marriage is shite and Im thinking of leaving but dont want to.


I think I should probably stop smoking weed as well, but why take away the things that are fun for me, I can control my drinking because Im not giving in to the urges.


Props to you guys though, keep it up and stay positive, now to try and take my own advice.

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