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*edit - the possibility of being able to open my own business made me realize that, in this mind state and with these habits, I will absolutely fail. I need a clear mind….


Landing a really fucking rad gig is what got me to reprioritize and get my shit straightened out.

Hopefully it does the same for you.

And there's no two ways about it: Had i continued drinking, i'd just as well have chucked it all down the drain.

All the best on your endeavor.







Still at it here. 3 years and some change. Thankful for every day, even the shitty ones.

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Had a lot of trouble sleeping the first week+ but everything's cool now. Feels good! Dating without getting drinks has been a bit weird but I'm getting the hang of it. This is the longest I've gone without a drink since probably middle school. Was at a Super Bowl party yesterday and just stuck w water, came home to a house party and just went to sleep.

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Out of all the "friendships" that I lost when I basically stopped partying, there is only one dude who I really care for. We still are friends but we are super distant because he is so into his alcoholism, I love the dude but I just can't be around to cosign him fucking off his life.


Went out to Denver for his wedding last year, dude was so shit faced the bride was in tears....family coming up to me and asking me to cut him off at the bar. I ended up calling him out on it and I think it hurt him to hear me say that he needs to address how alcohol is fucking up his relationship life etc.


I do agree with you POZ, anyone worth giving a fuck about is going to support you if you are trying to improve yourself.

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that's sad^


I recently quit smoking tumblewhedds and now i habitually drink anything i can lately. i used to scarcely drink. same exact shit for me.


"this is a stupid fucking problem to have But, it is a problem nonetheless"



^ imaginary props if you know that movie quote


Replacement addictions are a real thing......


If you are an addict I would bet your consumption of alcohol accelerates or you end up transferring the addiction to something else or relapsing w/ smoke. Try and go for a period of time without any mood/brain altering chemicals aka completely sober and see how that works for you.

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I was actually thinking about that one the drive home from the gym tonight... This is the longest I've ever been totally sober since I was probably like 11 or 12. (Started smoking weed really young.) that's nuts. I guess it isn't actually though because I still drink coffee everyday. :/

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