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ramen or .....

Cyber Optx

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Guest aymet one

Ramen or what? There IS nothing else... bones so brittle... but I drink plenty of.. malk?



"If I be myself, I'll be by myself/ but I don't want to be remembered, by the way I've been rendered."

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Yo, I eat Ramen almost every day. Top is the good ish, not the Maruchan. Real Ramen is dope as hell and the instant stuff doesn't even compare, but what can you do. There's really no Japanese restaurants around me so I gotta wait till I get to Cali to my grandma's cause she'll either cook the real ish, or I can go to a restaurant and get it. MMMMMM. I love that stuff.

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even if your not poor, like me, top ramen is good. oriental is my favorite. i put sliced hard boiled eggs in mine. i dont know, its something my aunt started and i still do it. oh, and i use a little bit of water, a little less than the height of the ramen noodles, for more flava. and let it sit so the seasoning soaks into the noodles.

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ramen is my favorite food. my favorite flavor is either miso or shi-o (not mistaken with shyoyu) all in the know say wahts up!


i live off of ramen and cereal.


nothign beats miso ramen with tamago and corn and gyoza.

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Guest kOmega
Originally posted by graffitiSUX:

cocoa pops and beer. it doesn't get better than that


sware i have ate that shit before..

i was half drunk but really hungry and no milk so i ate that shit dry as fuck while sippin on the bottles it was pretty good..but fucked my insides up

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Originally posted by Jesus of Nazareth:

Fau is really good noodle soup....get it with tripe.....


just so u know.. its not spelled FAU...its spelled PHO.. i ain't vietnamese but i know this. and yes that shit is gooood.

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