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powerpuff girls-bubbles is the cutest

dexter's lab

simpsons for a little while



garfield-all those saturday mroning cartoons from the 80's


thers more i cant think of right now.man, whered my childhood days go? just ten years ago.


old warner bros

tom and jerry

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Harlem Globe Trotters,

..But the best shit is the OLD Woody Woodpecker when he had those fat stumpy legs and the long skinny noggin and was really fuckin' retarted. Like the one where he goes to the eye doctor for an exam. and the optometrist is played by the fuckin wolf with a gypsy accent, and the eye chart says "





" and the fucking wolf is like, "Can YA READ IT NOW !" and woody's like "I...CANT...SEE...ATHING" so the fuckin woof mushes him in the back of the head like... "CAN YA READ IT NOW!!!" and woody goes "I...CANT...SEE..ATHING" so the fuckin woof mushes his head closer til his beak sticks thru the eye chart into the wall like a fuckin dart board and yells "CAN YA READ IT NOW!!!!!" and poor woody says, "I...CANT...SEE...ATHING" so the fuckin woof flips out and screams "WELL OPEN YER EYES!!!" ...yeah, thats the best.

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