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lost angelez

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lost and found..day at the belmont tunnel


some of these i posted before but i like a lot so bare with me....com'on lets bring this thread back.


venice-with angry intentions


turn yall heads....belmont tunnel


inside the station-belmont tunnel-exposure tricks, thanks dad


part of the production at Belmont


anybody have more of CABone's stuff?

http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00222267f00000072.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00222267f00000073.jpg'>

dont ask me i didnt take the picture-motor yard


im in there somwhere


another part of the production



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Re: i was driving down sunset blvd....


True that... dont be so descriptive on your solutions.




and some motherfuckin toys dissed that cbs tko blocks. what the fuck is up with all these toys in la thinking they can diss known writers and get fame off it? someone needs to start a hotline for kids to call in and tell where toys who diss can be found for a solid beatdown.

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Originally posted by 1HalfOfMe

anyone got any View or IPC stuff


I may have some but just might who you be.u can always email me and let me know playa...I may just make ur wishes come true..

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Guest BuffaloSkuzz
Guest BuffaloSkuzz
is that kid ESQUE biting SMOG from seattle or what?!


yea, that esque character is biting smog way too deep for his own good- were talkin like breakin teeth he's bitting so hard..

funny you say that, i heard that fool esque drove from LA to seattle to track smog down just to cabbie his ass all around that town to run his errands, drop him off at spots and like buy him shit to eat when smog got hungry. im not sure, its all hear-say, ya know, but on the realest of the real, i heard esque ran into that fool at some northwest graff event and tried to talk smog into believing he was a distant cousin for christsakes, and when esque paints he carries a laminated xerox copy of a smog sketch that he jacked from smogs house after he broke in when smogs mom was at a neighbors, and tries to flex off them smog styles that run for miles n miles. sweet jesus. that shit dont fly in my book..cock suckin pathetic if you ask me. i saw this wall the other day and it was practically laughable. heres a flick right before i lined it. hotdamn my friend, this graff shit is gettin quite muddy :cool: http://images.andale.com/f2/115/106/3456745/1040273318701_esque_frogyard2.jpg'>

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