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*some drawings?


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im not trying to start beef or anything like that....but ive seen a letter or two that you are showing by some big names in graff. im not gonna say who cus i dont want you to think im being an ass. now if youre a beginner then its not so bad. just work on developing your letters a bit more. youre off to a good start as far as style goes...but your fills could use a little help. keep working. keep posting. laters.

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thanks for the input i see on this board the so called non-toys make fun of any one who is not as goods as they should be. i only have been in this for not even a year so. thanks when you look around on the internet it seems that what you look at it seeps into your drawings so im going to try to not bit.


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Thing is, to look at these arent too nice. But, I think that is because it is too scruffy and not tidy enough. Your letters also need some work, but if you make your pieces more tidy and less, urmm cant think of a word, neat, then your pieces will be more appealing to the eye.


Keep sketching though and do not give up.

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Guest da wizzard
Originally posted by Propaganda

wow..wish I has the lettering style you had. Im still beefing with simple trying to get that pack down.


i don't really know if you should wish that....sounds like this kid is str8 chomping.....i think the problem here is that you should keep these bites in the closet untill you get somewhere on your own.....i can't see the images....like almost all of the images on this forum but from what i am hearing, it sounds like you are biting heavy hitters.....don't get me wrong....most people start out doing this but i think u should wait untill you've been in this a little longer to start posting shit on the net. like you said, you're less than a yr deep....pretty new...alot of these kids get clowned for comming on the web asking for a quick way to get better at graff.....there is no magic wand....you have to do your wrk and hold your own till you get your props the legitimate way....this world is harsh and most kids can't hang long enough...:D

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