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I don't have anything against TKO. 5 of the guys on my crew were from TKO in L.A. through the 90's. So I have respect for them and what they have done. But this War4 video was a huge disappointment. For the exception of the whole BUKET thing and some of the PASO and KOZE footage it was just a waste of time. I don't want to see kids flapping their hands like fags fighting and then when one falls 3 guys jump in and start kicking the other one while someone yells TKO in the background! That shit's boring and pointless. Keep it all about the crew! Nor do I want to see TLOKS fuck up some kid. Lame. I don't mind the bitches, but fuck it. Also, there's a bunch of newbies in this crew and they're doing lots of toy shit. I wouldn't put that on there! I'd just give a shout out to them! LOL But all in all it's their own video and they do what they want. I'll take that. Respect to the OGs of the crew, whether they're still reppin' it or not. TOOMER, OVER, EROE, KAST, SOLOE, ZEAM, SPAIR, SEGA, DISM, GRAY, ADEK, RESQ, MQ, 2TSIE, OHDE, TRIBE, KEN42, ALOY, EYONS, HAEL, ZOEUH, CAPS, BROCK 77, EVOL, CITY, SAZE, IKSO, ZES, ILLZ, TEMPO, DO, JEL, WISHM, KOSH, COIL, FUSHA, TAZ, MUSKET, LYFER, ZERK, GUER, MEEK, OMEN, BOKER, DUEM, UKON, COLT 45, ODDS, SIGHT, 111, SENSA, HI5, PERL, DUT, EMPIRE, GUN, BAER, SAGA, KOZE.

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