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#TheFarmersBlock June 4th http://twe.ly/FarmersBlock


June 4th It goes down...


Follow us:








Mexicans With Guns is the raw and exciting production-moniker/character created by Exponential Records honcho Ernest Gonzales. After prepping his Been Meaning to Tell You LP for the Friends of Friends label, EG was in search of a new sound and ready to explore the depths of bass music and it’s unique sonic elements…his journey lead him to the cutty edges of his mind where Mexico, London and the Dirty South all fused into one mysterious and club friendly mindset.


Dawning the mexican wrestling mask in February 2009, MwG began tearing down the streets with big bass and a nasty swag, breaking out remixes for the likes of Bassnectar, Rainbow Arabia, Cyne, Faunts, Yppah, and shared the stage with the likes of Peanut Butter Wolf, Daedelus, ghosts on tape, Nocando, Eliot Lipp, Mux Mool, Jogger and more. The Me Gusto EP is just a taste of what’s to come from MwG in the near future including collaborations with Tiffany Preston (Rainbow Arabia), Nocando (Alpha Pup) and more, so watch out!





Tenshun’s (real name Jon Calzo) is an eclectic turntable/electronic music artist and beatmaker from san diego CA, head of Skrapez label and part of the Creatures and kilowattz crews.

In recent years, he has performed concerts in Los Angeles and San Diego including the Museum of Contemporary Art Downtown. Calzo is also a member of an electronic music duo called Tenshun who just released a few recordings on their own label and the group Obscuricon. For the past two years, Calzo has been blurring the lines of musical genres with his extensively wide range of influences, mixing his own music with hip-hop, funk, polish jazz and scratch-dub. A very brief list of his influences include David Tudor, John Cage, The Executioners and QBert.





“One of LA’s smartest young voices” says the Los Angeles Times about the Chicago-born and South LA-based Open Mike Eagle. Born Michael Eagle, OME has a knack for disarming listeners with mesmerizing harmonies while presenting his droll observations of human behavior delivered with deft wit. As a student of what he calls ‘the Rap Graduate School” of Leimert Park’s Project Blowed, he is an heir apparent to indie rap luminaries Busdriver, Aceyalone, and Pigeon John. He has also fostered an audience in the comedy world having performed numerous times at the world famous Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and being the only hip-hop act ever invited to be the musical guest at the Paul F.Tompkins variety show. An emcee savvy enough to explain the nuances of the current financial troubles on one song, while honest enough to describe his own drunken and misguided text messaging in the next, Mike Eagle is poised to become a standout in the new order of independent hip-hop.






(formerly Existereo) of the Shapeshifters and Candy’s .22


(born Courtney Gibson) is a one man band from Los Angeles who has been quietly making some of the most technically skilled rap music of the last decade with warts-and-all honesty. While most of us were too busy bugging out over Def Jux and Rhymesayers to properly take note, Stereo was diligently recording with every indie rap legend in the L.A. area and tirelessly booking his own tours through Europe and the States. Whether taking the stage before Eminem or dropping songs with the Mars Volta’s Ikey Owens on his own Dead Guy Records the man’s dues have been paid.


Fans of his solo album “Hopeless Crooks with Open Books” know the hard-living evidenced in his lyrics has become as much of a calling card as his machine-gun cadences. A matured, world traveler who makes his way on an authentic Indian Larry chopper, Stereo 13 has lived life as many of his contemporaries have only dared tell it. A couple of close calls behind him now, he’s outlived his interest in glorifying self-destruction and suffering. “I’m tired of the dark. I just want to grow through happiness and love.”, he says. Asked about his change in outlook he quipped, “When you’re going through hell, you just keep going.”


Stereo 13 is currently keeping after it in the booth and on the road raising eyebrows in anticipation of “The Good Fight”-his most recent solo work with L.A. producer Deeskee), his Retrospect mix-tape and “A Girl and Her Gun”-the newest album by Candy’s .22, his duo with Seattle rapper Barfly. 2011 will see a steady stream of releases from him ranging from free downloads to full length albums.





"Another aspect to Mic Legg that we appreciate is that he is always collaborating with fellow desert artists. This particular Sounds of the Desert: Summer Jams features Mic Legg’s “Graff: Radio : BBoy Science”, a project that he had the opportunity to collabo on with popular desert music producers, Alf Alpha, DJ Day, and DJ ODC. Also featured on the album is a track titled, “We Squared”, with fellow Hip Hop vocalist God Awful. His album artwork was designed by Rabet of CBS (black & white Graff Radio piece) and Lester of NHS (Graff Radio: BBoy Science album cover). And as any mad scientist can tell you, when you throw all of these different artists into the mix, the final poation is not just an album, but a time capsule.


For all the reasons that make one a fan of MC Mic Legg; rawness, content, lyrical delivery and loyalty to the true essence of what Hip Hop is all about, are all the same reasons you’ll enjoy his latest Summer release, Graff Radio: BBoy Science."




















Brand new album releases from:


Mexicans With Guns



Open Mike Eagle



Stereo 13



Mic Legg




Organic fresh local cuisine and alternative drinks:

Jordan Kyzer & Ronnie Gabarda


Local Artists, Designers & Crafters


Aaron Hansen / artist / crafter - paintings, tshirts, live painting


Chris Granillo / artist / muralist - prints, live painting


Michael Legg / artist - paintings, hats


IGGy Photography / photography prints


Kylie Knight / artist, pieces + zines


Epidemic Skateshop (Glen Coy) / skatehsop, tshirts


Eleanor Gomez / artist, crafter (jewelry)


Maya Kalabic (with Angela Kinley) / crafter jewelry, prints + pieces


Johnny Galvan - Photography Prints


Luisa Marielli - vintage threads


Shelley Cush - crafted jewelry


Joy Yaghoubian - (owner of Vintage N Vogue in Palm Desert)


Sponsored by:

Ancient Youth

Earthling Organics

Coachella Valley Art Scene

Fresh Out The Box




Just Added!!!


Lisa Hilstrom


Kretchin Waters


sooooo much more tba...


keep a look out!

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