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Auckland, New Zealand

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lol get an original name kalis i got fliks but i cnt submit them cos my status wont allow it ( theres a kb rating) so i have to keep righting shit to get my status up. u get my drift

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Im coming to aukland soon from the land of oz, if anyone can help me out with where some legals are or even any day spots would be mad. Just PM me

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as jacked from HHNZ....

Originally posted by "Askew TMD SUK"

sup everyone! firstly thanks to all the crews that participated despote the most fucked up weather of all time! Especially all those that pulled through and finished! legendary! Also to those crews that had to forfit (RTR, FDKNS) because of weather, thanks all the same... RTR I honestly though you guys had this one! All good though.


Here are the 7 walls that are actually being submitted to the judges... I will announce the exact line up of the judges with the results as soon as I get feedback. I will also post up the unfinished walls then too..


In Alphabetical order:




This one was a crew made of Diva, Demz, Peaz and Kost. They formed especially for the battle.




Ins, Mice, Kalis, Daps and Essex and Bost1 on the characters. This was TNC and DMN's collab.




The GBAK crew def brought one of the most thought out concepts to the battle IMO.




Spel and Ouch from Htown and Vegies from West AK formed for the battle.




Index, 2Tone, User, Ire and Realm rep for TDU.




We got Sin City on it.. Exist, Askew, Phat1, Dyle, Ryze and Deus on the buildings.




USP ricked the Space invaders theme!

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definitely brought out the best in everyone! this shit should happen every year...


but maybe a more summery part of the year this time aye! :gaga:

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