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Auckland, New Zealand

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i love this "Realm" 3D Down Town!



Hand of Doom by "Donz" EastAK!



"Blitz" Piece SouthAK!



NOW! some people have been asking me why do i have Beef with "TnC' and "DmN' and a large amount off TOYs Auckland Wide........ lets just let the Pictures do the Talking!!!?



this is the "TDU" Pro out East where "DmN TnC" cap us with there Gay Pro: (LoL its been Paint Bombed buy the way)




"Donz" doing it BIG till TnC fags went along and capped it!

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"2Tone" over my "Omen" throwy all good! New Market!




"Donz" "2Tone" "Done7" Penny-Lane going over our old 2001 Productions that got capt by Bitch Ass Taggers!




"Done7" over my 5pannel Block Buster! New Market!



"Donz" over my 5pannel Block Buster! New Market!




"Blitz" Crome Down Town where that Bitch Kize cappt it with a Wakt Dy Mark Pile!

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"Donz" "Blitz" going over a "2Tone" Piece and "Blitz" charater that got capt! Britomart!




"2Tone" and "Donz" over the old Ups we did! Britomart!




this is my "Prowler" from 2001 cappt by that little Bitch Crafty Penrose!



this is Mine and "2Tone" 'Bomb Out Boston' Pro: @ Boston Tunnel where a fake Thor and some other Bitch TOY cappt us with throw ups!




here is my "Blitz" Pieces in Kingsland that Daps did a mini throw up over! (Bitch TOY=Daps)

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"2Tone" "Donz" "Done" over a Piece i Dropt in Hamiton that got cappt by local Toy Tons!



a Mad "IK" over a wakt gay Dreama throw up over a mean as "Done7" Piece! New Market.




"2Tone" get up and charater by me over a OPM Chromy i dropt and it got capt by those TOYs HD! New Market!




"Done" you are killing me here! till Bitch Fag Dreama did a wakt gay homo throwy over it! Bostron!




this is a Cromey i done with "Meno" "ITF" over that Bitch Waker who cappt a "2Tone" "Blitz" Pro: New Market!

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My Cromey on the M/ Way till that little Punk "Dork" cappt it with a little Bitch Throw Up!




"Blitz" and "Donz" capping a B Throwy becames some Central Bitch TOYS Tagged all over it! New Market!




'Blitz' cappt by a mini 'Daps' throw up! failed 20-man Pro: Central




'Blitz' Piece St Lukes where that Bitch Insane did a scub throw up over!

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and finally hear are some things you dont see every day........



while hear is the Sick man him self sorting out the next spot to get up!



Oh my Whitness?! is that my White Arm holding a Bottle off Champane i obtained freely?!



hear is a Queen st Bum i slappt a "TDU" Sticker on his pisst ass back and he walked around town all day with it on! LoL

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Graff stores in NZ...


Can anyone help out with finding hip-hop (especially graff related) shops in NZ? website addresses, email addresses, any info is appreciated.






-->Props on the talent!

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