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Auckland, New Zealand


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pm him and ask instead of dropping spots. what more could you ixpeckt from someone called aerosol ruckus:confused::five-o:


Cmon man that spots like a legal in the middle of town across the road from a massive shopping centre.Its hardly blowing up spots.


While were on Htown props tp Dal for taking me for a paint while i was home. Chur!

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When the best thing on this page is a kurse tag, its time the thread should be closed. Clearly you all wish to let the rest of the world think new zealand is retarded with your shit talking. I have spoken to homeless people with more interesting things to say than some of you.

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Yes I am lost, deep within your anus, which consumes this thread.

Im not talking about necessarily what other people think, just how you hold yourself in the world.You know, like.. achieve shit in life etc, not be a retard.


Who cares brother not us really we still get on with our shit life isn't for us to worry what these clowns are up to.

For those that are actually trying to achieve something in their graf not just some fake fame cause ur a snotty nosed geek kid with no mates good on yaz.

Otherwise bollocks to most if it really.

Graffiti is wak give it up turn indy/artschool/retro maggot and thats it its all yours from there!!!!:rolleyes:

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