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Originally posted by candysays

Last time I was at willow it was Pry(gavin from Burn and Natz sports) Civ and Into Another...good times...We got Ritchie to do 'to be free' and they said rust shot from their instruments...ha.


A show i wish i saw. the good old days. also had the plesent experiance of getting chased down the street by crackheads from the house across the street from willow.

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i would need another entire WEBSITE to start talking about 7 Willow Street...


it wasn't CLOSED down per se, they finally managed to sell it. the owners got what they wanted, and for 10 years it was pretty damn good.... shit man, this is gonna make my eyes well up and all that. fuck...


wait, maybe this flick from EDDIEGUNS will make me feel better:

<img src=http://hyperphoto.photoloft.com/view/exportImage.asp?s=cano&i=10352033&w=438&h=327>


yeah that did the trick.. thanks Dr. Guns!





Ethreadz-drop me an line

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Originally posted by joewelcome



no doubt that lots of cats from CT crossed the line into westchester.. Emit, Gaze, Envy, Serk, Ice, Jeck, Jive... lots of heads. and the influence went both ways-



you dont happen to have flix of any of the ALG crew stuff from the highway back then, do you???? I'd love to seee some of that shiot again!

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Guest whatthefuck!

i'm guessing that the message above was directed towards me and i just want to say that i have absolutley no idea who this jedifivenyc kid is.


anyway.i'ma get some westchester graff flix up here soon

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Guest imported_SecretAgentX9

oh man, i don't even want to know what my little cousin is doing up there..

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