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oh shit

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damn i remember when i was in middle school everyone was pot heads and we were getting high at lunch outside the cafateria and the security guard at the school told us to throw the j on the ground we did and he picked it up and put it in his little poket on his uniform... i wonder what he did with it?

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i used to roll joints in p.e.....all coach did was look at me and made me TA..so i wouldnt have to run or anything...i would sit in the stands and smoke..its funny;coaches name was mr.BAKER..his eyes were always lit so he'd sport his shades...i used to walk all around my school sellin but mostly smokin..i would cut class go to computers sit in the door way blow hits out into the outdoor hallways and once in a while blow hits in the class..security dont care..they're big samoans with names like THOR,JR. that used to gangbang and now they're the football coaches,ONCE IN A WHILE THEY'LL PUNK YOU OUT OR PUNCH YOU IN THE CHEST WHILE YOU'RE WALKIN DOWN THE HALL...THEY DO THAT TO THOSE THEY LIKE ....only in hawaii

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