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Favourite Wrestlers of All Time

Weapon X

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Ric Flair

Mr. Wonderful, Paul Ondorff (sp)

Corporal Krishner

Brooklyn Brawler

Randy Macho Man Savage


Andre the Giant

Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

Iran Sheik

Nicoli Volkov


Sargeant Slaughter



Ravishing Rick Rude

Jake the Snake

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Brother Love (he didn't fight, but he always said "I loooooove yooouu!")

Gorilla Monsoon, 'cuz he still kicked ass waaaay after he retired

Adrian Adonis (remember him? they say he was gay, but Idunno - rip)

Leaping Lanny Puffo (went on to become the Genius - what a pussy!)


on a side note, any of you guys remember when that dude who played Wayne Arnold on the Wonder Years got his ass kicked?

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yeah, ultimate was a speed freak, man. that guy was a nutcase.


I forgot to mention...


Hacksaw Jim Duggen (for being a nasty fucker)

Superfly Jimmy Snuka

Tito Santana

Sean Michaels



anybody remember the WWF cartoon? Mean Jean Okerlund (sp) would always pop outta places with the mic, like a garbage can.

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i feel like an idiot for not mentioning the birdman and his brain buster.


an even bigger idiot for not mentioning the Hitman. Grandola, almost everyone you said should be on my list. There's just so many that influenced me and got me suspended from school for wrestling - not FIGHTING, but rasslin'.

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I didn't have favorites, but here is some that I remember...


- The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase

- Shawn Michaels "the heartbreak kid"... what was he supposed to be anyways? A stripper?

- British Bulldog

- Razor Ramon... TT Boy, aren't you friends with that guy? haha

- The Undertaker. I heard he's a good guy now. That's lame.


- Rowdy Roddy Piper

- Jake the Snake Roberts

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