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Guest 7126


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Guest 7126

The Funny Names List


An Overly Long Introduction

It is Baaaack !!!!!!




If your looking for a long lost laugh when you see a name like Epluribus Mays or April Furst get ready.

For all of you uninitiated comiconnomenclaturists here is a little introduction.

This list consists of real names of real people. The names are funny to someone or they would not be included. Some of the names are funny because of region, some are just weird spelling. Some were named by their parents, or themselves, on purpose, some are mistakes.

The list started when I noticed that computer entry people were keeping their own short lists of names. At the Chicago Police Department Area 4 Detective Division, the computer guy also had a list from the Cook County States Attorney's Office. I typed both up and passed them out. The response was tremendous. It seems that all kinds of people kept their own lists. I got some from the Chicago Board of Education, the Juvenile Court System, private business, hospitals, etc. One lady, from Commerce Clearing House, just sent 250 names.

Once you are looking for names they pop up all over. For example my dentist, who I've gone to for years, is named Harry Shephard. This I think is funny but I never noticed until I started the list.

If you have name(s) that you think are funny please E-mail them to me. I will put you on a list to receive the updates, they are infrequent. The only thing I ask is that the names be legitimate. If possible include the whole name, even though only part of the name is funny. If there is something about the name that others would not understand please include an explanation. For example there is a street in Chicago named Irving Park. The fact that the Korean man and the Jewish women had a son and named him Irving Park would only be funny in Chicago.

Sergeant Les Smulevitz

Chicago Police Department

Albany Park, 17th District

4161 N. Pulaski

Chicago, Il. 60630


E Mail: leslie.smulevitz@chicagopolice.org






And Now The List


.38spec,First name only,her father's first name is Pistol


Abel Sanchez,His brother is Cain Sanchez


Adorable Virgie Goody


Africa S. Bartlett


Aheavy Hampton


Aids Wyatt


Airastede Jones, Pronounced arrested


Al Rukn


Al Pacino Smith


Alabama Vest, Macon, Georgia slave who invented the Kazoo in 1840


Alan Fierce, Attorney


Alcodic Plaza


Alexander S. Flesh


Alias Comen


Allen R. Toothaker


Almighty Four Hundred, This was a legal name change that was used to honor his street gang. Originally named John Smith


Alphasigmaphi, First name only. The parents certainly take the fraternity thing far


Alvin Trivelpiece


Amber Corn


Amber Bottoms, 3 month old homicide victim


Amer & Ica, First names only of twins


America Tripplett


America Bysa


Amiable Lottmann


Annabel Elliot Outhouse, Author of the book Privies on Long Island


Annette Funicello Miller


Annoy Lee


Anthelen Unsel


Anu & Enu KMT, These two guys were fraternity brothers in KMT. They legally changed their names and opened a vegetarian restaurant Delights of the Garden in Atlanta. This restaurant does not cook any food but serves all of it raw. Another example of the Greek Societies members going nuts


Apostol Postol


April May Rains


April Chowers


April Showers


April Furst


April Love


April Cott, Sister is June Cott


April Monday Austin


Aquamarina Velvet


Aquarius Waters


Ar'son Jones


Areola Jones


Ari B. Good


Ariisted Johnson, Pronounced arrested


Arise Lewis


Aristotle Schwartz


Aristotle,Pronounced Arista Lee


Arizona Rickets


Arizona Collier


Arlo K. Funk


Armand Hammer, U.S. Industrialist, Occidental Oil, who dealt heavily with U.S.S.R.


Armin Hand


Armistice Day Richardson, Of course he was born on 11 November


Artherites Mann, Pronounced Arthritis


Artimis Bobo, Brother is Starsky Bobo, Sister is Sahara Bobo


Artist Easter


Assdrubal Rizzo


Atherdope Harris


Atlantis Harvey


Australia Dykes


Australia Johnson


Ava Maria Pasqinelli


Babbey Johnson


Baby D. Waits


Barefoot Sanders, U.S. Judge in Texas


Barry Metric, don't you wish he was a weatherman


Basher Naser


Basil Chessman


Battle Rankin


Battleship Gray


Bea Kuhl


Beauty L. Carter


Beauty Mark Lee


Beco Weedman


Bee Holy


Bee Ready, Perhaps a Boy Scout leader?


Beethoven Askew


Belch M. Daloon, Female


Bequethal Brown


Berestfull Jackson


Bernard Judge, Editor of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin


Bespectacle Anderson


Bible Brandon


Big Hands Jackson


Billy Dilly, Oklahoma bomber Tim McVeigh's Army roommate


Birdie Korne


Blossem Isreal


Blossom White


Bluta Lumpkins


Bobcat Rucker


Boogaloo Payne


Boy Fredrick


Brain Cancer, His mother wanted to name him Brian, but spelled it wrong


Braniff Hover


Bright Sheng, Pronounced Shine, Composer in Residence, Lyric Opera


Brown Brothers Harriamn


Bryant Disco Boozer


Bugliss Collins Jr.


Bugliss Collins Sr.


Bunker Hill


Bunny Nightwalker Hatcher,Senior Staff Consultant, Human Relations Commission, L.A. County


Bunny Ann Grabonski


Burt G. Pohrman, In Oregon bankruptcy court


Bushair Zuby


Buster Vinegar


Buster Hyman


C. Sewell Weech Jr.


C.W. Crumpecker Jr.


Cain Sanchez, Brother of Abel Sanchez


Caldron Williams


Caleb Belove


Calvert Crudup


Canary Woodland


Candee Carton


Candy Clump


Candy Barr


Candy Kane


Capers C. Funnye, Afro-American Rabbi


Car Richardson


Carbon Petroleum Dubbs III


Caress Owens


Carmel Crisp


Cashondat Hubbard


Casino Westly


Cassius Clay, Not Ali but a child


Cater Evans


Cecyle Pickle


Cellars Jackson


Chacko, First name only


Chain Robbins


Chainti Seals


Champaigne, age 2

Chardonay, age 1

Chablea, age 3 months

All of these children were abandoned by their mother Shannon Cooper


Charles Outlaw, He's a car thief


Charles Terrible, New Jersey Deputy Atty General


Charlie Clam, High School Counselor


Charlie Altoona, I wonder what Star Kist would say to him


Cheers Boozer, Convicted rapist


Cheri Dan Westmorland


Cherry Veronica Coke


Chester Fields


Chicago Politics all of these guys regularly use the first name of Dick.

Dick Phelan, Former Candidate for Governor in Illinois.

Dick Devine, Former Chicago Park District President, recent U.S. Senate Candidate. Used to work in Dick Phelan's law office. Currently Cook County State's Attorney

Dick Daley, Actually Mayor Daley uses the name Richie or Rich


Chinette Gilmore


Choice Eng


Choral Pepper


Chris Cross, Works at the U.S. Dept. of Education


Chris Craft, N.A.S.A. spokesman


Christian Prince, Yale student, Murder victim


Chrysanthamun Turnipseed, Brother of Hyacinth


Chubby Rover


Ciced Jones, say Secede


Cicero C. Sessions


Cicero Unique Gibson


Cipher "Anderson", He is a famous cryptologist and a professor of mathematics. I am not sure of his last name but his father, who was one of the men that broke the Enigma Code, gave him that first name


Claimate Franklin


Claribel Pantotas


Classic Ganit


Classy Baily


Clay Head, Brother of Dick Head


Clear Huddleston and his younger brother Clair Huddleston


Clement Harbour, Oak Park Detective


Clevester Reed, His twin is Levester


Clevland Brown


Cliff L. Drinkwine


Collie Rohme, Perhaps Lassie can find him


Commodore D. Roberts


Condor Soaring


Cornelius Tollfree


Corvette Burrell


Cosmic Wonder Crocket


Courvosier Martell


Crayon Coles


Crayonella Smith


Crazetta Davis, Mother wanted to name her after her dead father, Craig. Craigetta did not sound right to the mother. The father, Craig was killed while fighting with a DEA Agent


Crystal Clear


Crystal Seals



Crystal Bright

Diamond Bright

Sparkle Bright

Merry Joy Bright, all of the same family


Cuntrenna Wright


Curly Cration, brother is Timeless Cration


Curry Oates


D. Patrick Mullarkey, Dept. of Justice


Daiquiri Collins


Daisy Infante-Sampang


Daisy Field


Darko Pozar


Darling Lemon


Darreng Maiden


Dartanya Porche


Dartanyun Riggs


Dashaund Coleman


Daury Freese, It would be nice to order a Dip Top cone from him


Davey Crockett, Male black, rapist


David Wimp, This guy uses a adding machine to add the number 1 over and over until he gets to a million. This is his hobby


David Warmflash


David L. Yunich


Dean Dickie, An Attorney with the Dick Phelan law firm


Deathena Barr


Decal Dyke


Decatur Duplesses


Deflector Sears


Defray A. Calcote


Delaware Dawkins


Delerius Woods


Delight Cherry


Denman Moody


Denny Manymules


Dent Teen Murray


Deogracias Ruiz


Depravism Hozier


Derail Easter, Police Officer, I don't know if it's the same guy but Derail Easter was a motorman on the Loop elevated train in 1976 when his train jumped the tracks


Detroit Dunn


Devil A. Drink


Devon Showers, It seems that Devon killed Belmont while on Sheridan. At another time Devon killed Hubbard, all Chicago Street Names


Dewana Ball, Dewana is a 260 pound female


Dewey Drain


Dexter Duck


Diamond Bright


Diamond Robbins


Diamond Ringold


Diarria Knox


Dick Eater


Dick Head, Brother of Clay Head


Dill Pickle


Dimple Dang


Disire Vasquez


Dixie Kopp


Dizzy Bell


Dobbin Fox


Dog Doggy


Don Juan Evans, He is a rape offender


Doomsday Jones


Dorcus Withers, Homicide Offender


Dort Fauntleroy


Dovey Roundtree


Dr. Needle, Sorry not an anesthesiologist


Dr. Kneebone, Chiropractor


Dr. Waters, Urologist


Dr. Mangle, Chiropractor


Dr. Hyman, Gynecologist


Dr. Morbia, Cardiologist


Dr. Carver, Forensic Pathologist


Dr. Clay Hammer


Dr. Bonebreaker


Dr. Winke, Optometrist


Dr. Roger Slaughter, Trauma ward physician at Cook County Hospital


Dr. M. Cholera


Dr. Noble Emdee


Dr. Goldfinger, Gynecologist


Dr. Renee Hartz, Cardiac Surgeon


Dry Ice Washington, He says "peoples call me Dry Ice because even though I'm smoking I'm still cool". Dry Ice is his legal name


Duckey Bill


Duel Adams


Dumore Hardman, Most women would love this guy


Durwood S. Laughinghouse


Duwana Early


Dwight Christmas, Convicted rapist


E. Pluribus Mayes


Earl E. Bird, Head of an animal rights group


Early Wynn, Chicago White Sox pitcher


Earthaline Johnson, Daughters name is Mayola


Easter Hunt


Easter Sunday


Easterbasket Montgomery


Eater Bush


Ebony Black


Ebony Jeans


Eid Abu Hashish


Either Davis


Elevator Hudson


Eliz Endlicher


Elwood Cluck, Attorney


Emma Piggee


Enola Gay Bender


Epluribus Mays


Eric Gotobed, Lives in Little Snoring, England


Ernest Edsel


Ether Green


Ethereal Green III


Etoyal Farmer Ferguson, Brother of Hosia Farmer


Eulogi Rivera


Evangelist Jackson


Except for Deoder, who owns a beauty shop, and Stank, who I think should contract with Deoder, these names are not that strange but they all came up in the same murder investigation at a beauty shop

Roosevelt Gator

Deoder Brown

Encino Vargas

Capri Stank

Queen West


Excon Scruggs


F. Lies Camper


Factory Spears


Faith Dent


Famous Jefferson


Famous Ware


Famous Stubblefield


Fang Fang


Faye McCall Wham


Felin Quist Rushing


Fellonise Daniels


Felon Goodman


Felony Evans


Female Johnson, pronounced Fee Molly

The whole thing with the names Female and Male is interesting. When a child is born and the parents do not immediately give it a name the hospital refers to it as Female or Male with the mother's last name. Many people seem to leave the kid with that name. While working with newborns at Cook County Hospital my wife encountered many kids named Female. She once asked a mother where she found such a pretty name. The mother said that the doctors named the baby and she decided she liked it.


Fidel Cicero


Finuf Cacksakker, In Florida bankruptcy court


Flake Wells


Flatonia Joiner


Flavius Freeman


Flora Goo


Florida Luster

Former president, Luster Hair Products, her husband is Precious Luster


Fong Goo


Fook Quan Goon


Forest Nutter, Wisconsin teacher of the year, 1991


Forest Lovely


Forest Ranger


Forrest Hunter


Forrest Woods, Forrest live on Park Ave. in Forest Park


Forrest A. Plant


Forrest Flood


Forrest Aggie Sales


Forrget Nicole Leavy


Fred Fraction


Fuzzy Hooks


G. Severe Cole, Attorney


G.O. Rilla, Initials only


Gail April Showers


Galactica L. Pope, nickname Battlestar (sic)


Gary Cowman, spokesperson, National Cattleman’s Association


Sherry Marsala


Viperella Pinkstaff






Gazzola Vaccaro Jr.


Gene Poole


General McArthur Ware, He will not return, he was beaten to death after he climbed into the wrong person's car to sober up.


General Mack Varner


Genghis Kahn Harris


George E. George, George P. George, Brothers


Geronimo Pagen


Gimme Rush


Ginger Snap


Ginger Sugar


Glacoma Tamburello


Glade F. Flake


Gloria A. Sepsis, In hospital for a chronic infection


God Coleman


Godzilla Gorilla Pimp Hunter, 3 year old


Goldeen Bell


Golden Butts


Golden Brown


Gonorrhea Jones


Gordon Babyruth Fred


Grady Guilty


Green Flowers, Cop killer


Greene Black, D.D.S., Southern IL. dentist who is considered the Father of Modern Dentistry, perhaps the name refers to the color of teeth


Guilty Blake


Ha Ho, Arson Victim


Haawiaa Cherokee


Haley Rainey, His nickname is Lightning


Halitosis Harris


Hammer Budge, S.E.C. Chairman


Handel You


Handsome Johnson


Handy Cheeks Jr., Convicted rapist


Hans Christian Anderson, His nickname is "Executioner" he is a memeber of the El Rukn Street Gang


Happy Camp


Hardy Buzzard


Harmut Broghammer


Harron Honey, Tasty sounding isn't it?


Harry F. Twickler


Harry Port, He was convicted of killing his lesbian wife


Harry Seals


Harry Flower


Harry Shepard


Hehirtus Bryan


Heidi Doody


Hendon Chubb


Henry Chin Goo


Herrestine Burns


Hiawatha Cherry


Hiawatha Moss


Hightower Smith


Hillard Homes, The same name as a group of Housing Authority buildings in Chicago


Ho Ha


Ho-Wing Sit


Homer Goforth Homer, 1989 man with the worst driving record in Illinois


Homicide Byrons


Honey Combs


Hornsby Mims


Hu Suk, Female Korean


Huffing Williams


Hugh Munn, He is the South Carolina Law Enforcement spokesman


Hugh B. Sweet


Hum Lewis


Hung Wang


Hurrah Johnson


Hy Wind, Past president of a synagogue


Hyacinth Turnipseed


Hyacinths R. Turnips, This is an alias used by Hyacinth Turnipseed


I. Itchinose


I’m trying to work up a car thing, this is all I have so far.

Steven Buick, shot & killed his 7 year old son in Villa Park, Il.

Dean Olds, accused of arranging the murder of his wife in Wilmette, Il.


Illinois Turner


Ima Hogg, This one is the daughter of a former Governor of Texas. I don't know if she is also the pianist. I have an unconfirmed name of Ura Hogg who is supposed to be Ima’s sister


Ima Hogg, Famous Pianist


Ima Birdwhistle


Iona Ford


Irather Morse


Iris Flowers


Irish Greene


Irish Green


Iron Moon


Iron R. Tootle, Owner Tootle Oil Co.


Irony & Omen, Brothers, first names only, the parents planned on having a girl. The name they chose for her was Despairing Mist


Irwin Fuchsadoff


Itch Baines


Ivory Snow


Iwona Kus


J. Gaylord Cox, Former U. of I. professor, Gay Rights activist


J.B. Dataway


Jack Plum, his sister is Jill


Jack Ripper, Representative from Oregon


Jacqueline Around


Jagoff Jackson, Auto thief


Jail Soria


Jamshed Butt, N.Y. cab driver that got stiffed on a fare from JFK to Troy, Michigan. The fare was $2,000. plus $250. in traffic tickets


Jar Hompungphoo, Twin brother of Jas


Jaun L. Person


Jaundice Mahaffea


Jeffery Falick, rabbi


Jerre Birdsong


Jesse James, Three guys by that name currently live in Chicago


Jesse James, This Jesse is the Treasurer of the State of Texas


Jill Plum, brother is Jack Plum


Joe Friday , Head of the National Weather Service


Joel Dollarhide, accountant


John Yesno


John Outhouse


John Sukup Jr.


John E. Grayson, Sister is Johnny Grayson


John Hotwang


John Knowles Payne


John Outlaw, Cook County Sheriffs Deputy


Johnnie Walker Redd


Juana Lick


Judge Jolly, A judge in California


Judge Hardy, Police officer


June Cott, Sister is April Cott


Jungle L. Taylor


Justice Marshal Smith


Justin Case, Instructor at Brother Rice High


Jutwan Ray, say Jew Town


Juvenile Hall Lewis Jr.


Kalliopi Zafriratos


Kane Garreau, Is he from the land down under?


Kanshica and Kinshica, Twin sisters


Kelly Green


Kenneth Payment, Attorney


Kenya Cook


Kieth Penis, This was his name as listed on an arrest report for a Sex Crime. It turned out his real last name was Penex


King David Washington


King George Frisby


King David Nolen


Kingsley Fink


Kissa Bonner


Kitty Chow


Knowledge Clark Jr.


Korea Berry


Kris Kringle


Kumsuk Saringer, Her boyfriend broke her jaw


Lacy Clay


Lacy Hair


Lacy Armour


Lance Boyle


Lane Laneboys


Laone Willes


Lapunzel Wade


Largeaanpa Covington


Larry Derryberry, Oklahoma Attorney General


Larry Moe, I hope his brother is named Curly


Lasagna Blanks


Lastime Ratcliff


Latarshit Jackson


Latherio Meadows


Latraviata Woodhouse


Latreat Riddle


Latrine Gather


Latrine Philpott


Lavoris Dorsey, Mother of Abandit Dorsey


Lavoris Jones


Lawyer Sykes


Lawyer Helen


Learned Hand, Judge


Lee Lovelady


Legover Moses


LeGrande Poor


Lemon Works, Former high ranking Chicago Police official


Lemonia Works, Daughter of Lemon Works


Lepoleon Swopes


Lesbia Martinez


Lethal Hayes


Levester Reed, Brother of Clevester Reed


Libra Scales


Lichard Wilson


Light Keeper, Maintenance man for J.C. Penney's. One of his job was to change the bulbs


Lilly White


Lilly Easter, Killed her 2 year old foster son


Lionel Tiger, Naturalist


Litt Spears


Little Anthony Billups


Little Redhouse


Lolly Popp

Sody Popp. Sisters


Lorelei Paradise


Lothar Vashoz


Lotta Fish, The L. Fish chain of furniture stores in Chicago started by her husband in the 1870's. Guess what the L. stood for.


Love Lovelace


Love Everlasting Jones


Lovie Perkins


Lovlace G. Love


Lowe Myles, He’s a radio producer, not a used car salesman


Loyal Byrd


Luckie Clutse


Lucy Lacy


Lullaby Hill


Luncheon Sails


Luntine Bobo


Lyle Kyle


Magazine Christy


Mahesh Dikshit


Maim Sugermayer


Major Senior Sr.

Major Senior Jr.


Major Downer


Manuel Soberanus


Maple Knight


Marc Loveless, 1st openly gay appointee to Cook County Human Rights Commission


Marcella Fullilove


Marco Polo Cantu


Marijuana Pepsi Jones


Mariola Arriola


Marquess Queensbury


Marshall Gun


Martell Lee


Martini Meeks


Marvelous Suddeth, Murderer


Marvil S. Summer


Mary Christmas


Maryland Kitchen


Matthew Rambottom


Mavrick Thigpen


Maximillian Hell, Jesuit Priest, teacher of Machiavelli


Maya Kolpa, Politician


Mayola Reynolds, Mother is Earthaline


Meander Franklin


Melody Heard


Mentis Non Compis


Mercedes Bens


Mercedes Pink


Mercedes Byberg and her sister Lexis Byberg


Merry Christmas & Noel Christmas, Twins


Merry Joy Bright


Midnight Coleman


Mike Stonebreaker, Middle line backer, Chicago Bears football team


Million Aire


Milton Bradley, Witness to a homicide, probably learned that life is not a game


Ming T. Merciless, At least that is the name this person used when registering his car and getting license plates #CYS438


Minnie Pig


Minnie Storey


Minnie Kidds


Minor Wisdom, U.S. Circuit Court Judge in Tennessee


Mirrer Peek


Mona Lisa Bush


Monte Carlos, Radio Producer, KQED in S.F.


Montreal Blakeley


Mortisha Byrd


Motel Moorehead


Mousa Tineh


Muffy Lemieux


Mumtaz Japanwalla, She calls herself Jane


Muse O. Salami


Muthill Maddox


Mutt Standefer


Myrtly Quay Spain


Nacurvie Smith


Naket Reggs


Napoleon Washington


Narcissus Love


Narley Criss


Nature Lawrence

Casanova Johnson

Utopia Edwards

Sparkles Wages

All of these children attend the same school, same grade


Neamon Beamon, Burglar


Nefriteria Webb


Nevada Romance Harris


Nick Odeamas, "Litn'n" on the Amos and Andy television show


Noble Dick


Nosmo King, Not related to Nosmoking Jones


Nosmoking Jones


Notorious Ellis


Notrial S. Clark


Null & Boyd, Law firm in Boston, a partnership between Jessica Null and Maria Boyd


Nympha Maturi


Olympia Snow, Member House of Representatives from Maine


Omar Sharif Ford, 15 year old caught with a fully automatic 30 shot TEC 9 assault pistol


Ommen Brown


One Cancel Jr.


One Nite O. Love Washington


Ontario Wilkins


Opehelia Pullett


Ora L. Thomas


Oralique Solia


Orange Apple


Orange Washington


Orapin Duangplay


Oscar Omar Avila Wong


Outlay H. Meyer


Overby Williams


P. Yu


Page Belcher


Paige Turner


Palto Foufas


Paris Singer, not Piaf but of the Singer Sewing Machine Family


Paris Brewer, Murderer


Pashon Prude


Passion Fullilove


Passion Blue


Pat Mummey, Coroner, Spokane Washington


Patsy Dena Hill


Pearly White, Afro-American school principal


Pee Wee Ching


Peeper Leeper


Penney Candy Rivers


Penny Ury


Percival Pretti


Percy Pleasent Love


Perpetual Levy


Perry Dice


Pete & Repete, Identical twin brothers


Peter Wacker


Peter Sackrider


Pharmecca Posley


Phebruary, first name only


Philander Hopkins, Home invader of the elderly


Philander Rodman, Dennis Rodman's, of basketball fame, father. Philander has 27 children. He currently is living with 2 wives and 15 children in the Philippines


Philandred Spears


Philmore Iskowich


Phines Kennedy, Say finest


Phlimsey Head


Phylistine King


Picabo Street, pronounced Peek a Boo, U.S. Olympic Gold Medal Skier


Pink Oliphant


Pinkey Jones


Pither Webster


Placenta Harris


Placenta Jones


Plato Papps


Plato Foofas


Pleasant Weathers


Please Ransom Jr.


Pleasent Moon


Pleasure Heard


Polysteen Nettles


Ponder Riley


Poppin Cox


Possible Crawford


Precious Valentine


Precious Ivy


Pretti Patel


Preventive Johnson


Price Topping


Price Gaines Jr.


Primitave Mercado


Primrose Battle Jr.


Prince Moon, sister is Princess Moon


Prince Smooth


Princess Pimpinella Hohenholoe


Proffesor Resto


Progress Always Lloyd, North Carolina bank robber


Prosper Raymond


Purification Pastor, Rapist


Pussy Flowers


Pye R. Squire


Quarter Harris


Queen Ester Washington


Queen Ester Green


Queen Estelle Bishop


Queen Love


Queen Cuellar


Queen Green


Queenielove E. Minor


Quittin Watts


Quovadis Nabors


Quovadis Davis


Rabbi Brief, Rabbi is his tittle, I do not know his first name. We can only hope his sermons are such


Raisen Caine


Randy Radish


Rapfew Daniel


Raphead Lopez


Rattler Hatful


Reapunzel Wade


Regina Hoover


Reginald Absorbine Jr.


Regional Aldridge


Rev. Manger


Reverend, Elder E. Toaster, International Church of God. The side of his van reads, "Known Internationally as E.T."


Rich Mann


Rich Port


Richard Shiting


Richard Bodyfelt


Rick O'Shea


Ricky Raspberry


Rip Van Johnson


Risque Beavers


River, Leaf, Rain, Liberty, and Summer Phoenix

All of the same family, River is the actor, Leaf is the brother the rest are sisters


Roach Lee


Robert Krophol


Rocky Craft


Roderick Guilty


Roland Burglar


Rollin Hoard


Ronald McDonald


Ronald Bedgood


Ronald Dickover


Ronald Williams II, Brother of Ronald Williams III


Ronly Bonly Johnson, His real name is R.B. Johnson but some bureaucrat said initials have to be followed by the word “only”


Rope Jeffries


Rose Cohen


Rose Bowels


Rose Budd Redish


Rosie Redd


Rosie Cheeks, While she was locked up in Cook County Jail she still managed to get pregnant


Rotunda McClain


Rotunda Davidson


Ruby Sunshine


Ruby Duckins


Ruffles Brown


Rufus Raspberry


Rufus T. Firefly, This was a character name used by Groucho Marks but some poor person has this for their real name


Rupert Roach, Arrested with a small amount of cannabis


Rush Lyons, Nickname "Crazy Lips'


S.E. Senior Sr.


Safety Furst


Sahara Bobo, Sister of Starsky and Artimis


Saint Mary Harris


Salem S. Salem, Guess his middle name


Salmineo Jones


Sam Duckhoon


Samuel Camel, Armed Robber


Sandy Sea


Santa Claus, According to his State ID Card he lives in Winter Wonder Land, IL. and on the Pana Reindeer Farm in Pana, IL.


Sayonara Bey


Schmeara O'Donnell


Scone Blazer


Scoot Falkner


Scott Towle


Seaborn Buckalew


Semaj Reynolds, Mother's current boyfriend, but not the father of the child, wanted the baby named after himself, James. Mother thought under the circumstances the backwards James would be funny


Semetric B. Zims


Sendor Lumpkin


Sensious Brinson


September Melody Seals


Shanda Lear


Shandtanta Jackson, Twin sister is Shandtnana


Shed Willis


Shenoon Shy


Shep Heard, Police Sergeant


Sherman Tankskey


Sheryee Harddick, sister of Luevater Harddick


Shiney B. Brown


Shirley A. Bushyhead


Shirley I. Truly


Shitanya Robinson


Shonda Synthia Burgess, In Yiddish the word Shonda means an "embarrassment"


Shonda Leer, The parents pronounce it Chandelier


Shonice Johnson, She says Sure Nice


Shuggie Otis


Shunion Shine


Shyny, First name only


Signora Jona


Silester Gilty, Police Chief, Ford Heights Il.


Sinbad Abdula


Sing N. Nigger


Sir Lancelot Williams


Sirloin Satisfield


Skip Collector, Associate Director, The John Laroquette Show


Sleety Barnes


Smokey Forester, Sound mixer Universal Studios


Snow White Tamayo


Snow White, This young lady worked with my daughter at the Disney Store in a mall near Austin, Tx.


Somchit Inthisack


Soo N. Choo


Space George


Sparkle Bright


Sparkle Hayter, She is a reporter at CNN


Sparkle Champion


Spongetta Brown


Spotswood I. Qimby


Spotsworth Christmas III


Springfield Reifel


Starlette Jones, Assistant Attorney General, Baltimore County


Starr Saphire, Ornithologist


Starsky Bobo


Stereo Stewart


Sterling Gunn, Chicago Police Officer


Sterling Price


Steve Aquafresca, Apple grower and State Representative, Grand Junction, Colorado, Led a fight over water rights


Stillborn McGhee


Stone Lively


Sue U. Dinkelspiel


Sue Sun Shine, Sally Sun Shine, Sisters


Suing Davis


Sumner Slichter, Economist


Sun Cheary Griffin


Sun Tan, Burglary Offender


Sunday Folks


Sunny Cloud, Atlanta housewife who packages home drug test kits for parents to use on their kids


Sunny Diane Bluing


Sunsary Bryant


Superior McNair


Surbees Clark


Swing Dickey


Tad Manlove vs. Sterling Lemon, A court case


Taffie Kitchell


Takik D. Snipes


Tape Williams


Tatsuya & Atsuya, sisters, first names only


Taylor Wines, Federal Judge. I truly hope not in Northern New York District


Teeth Hunter


Tekila Robinson, Mothers name is Tijuana


Temperance Woods


Tera Sunder


Terrain Walker


Terrance Figures


Terry Cherry


Thakton Hemlock


The C. Sargent


Thee Weathers


Theopholis Baldman


Thomas Goldtooth Begay


Thumneater Davis


Thye Law


Tiarra Tops


Tiffany & Taffany, Twin sisters, first name only


Tijuana Robinson, Daughter of Tekila


Tillie Willie Zeiss


Timeless Cration, Brother of Curly


Tiyapholiniece Dingle


Tomaine R. Grissom


Tondria Green, Mother of Retondria Green


Topsey Jean Glantz


Toronto Brooks


Torreton Reap


Toyland Lewis


Toyota Crudup


Treemist Franklin


Triage Patterson


Trivia Hinton


Trygve Lie, U.N. Secretary General, 1946


Twin Baber


Tyzauntie Danials


Ubiquitous Perpetuity, A California nudist who says God gave him this new name


Udon Givafux, I have his mugshot and his expression matches his last name.


Uinckley Franklin


Ulfoncle Gilot


Umit Kapan


Under White


Undrains Hall


Unique Hills


Urban Queen


Urinal Martin


Urinalysis Scott


Valance Butcher



Valiant Brown


Vandel Victors


Varmit Nelson


Vathansombat Kanniga, Afro-American female


Vaya Condios Shuman, Law Review Editor


Vendetta Shavers


Venitian Samples


Vern Fern


Vestibule Hall


Vicki Fucks, Manager at Midwest Magazine Services for WorkBench Magazine


Victory Island


Victory Pearl Harbor Island Jr.


Vincent Money, Theft Victim


Virgin Marrero


Virgin Fullalove


Virginal Hollis


Vodka Johnson


Wadsworth Likely


Wae Phoe, Whenever police ask his name his answer causes upset


Wagdi Anis


Waggoner Carr, Texas Attorney General


Wakkevil Moore


Walasuckrylai Piscit


Walter Balls


Walter Restored Jones Jr.


Wammie Wilkins


Wanna Sugreekunt


Waving Ware


Wax & Artificial Flower, Twins


Wayland Dong


Weedo Dingledein Dasho


West Woon


Whatcha McCallum


Whit Cornman, spokesperson, United States Grains Council


White Folks Burns


Wigfall James


Will Lee Jones, Brother of Willie Jones


William Wayne Justice, U.S. District Court Judge for Northern Texas


William Crock



Willie B. Long


Willie D. Shine


Willie Warship, Dope Dealer


Willie Bandit


Willie Oneway


Willie Die


Willy Billy Guinea


Wilton Sogg


Wince Collins


Wix Unthank


Wonderful Terrific Monds, Plays Triple A baseball for the Macon Braves and was their top prospect for 1995


Woodser Ann Chocolate


World B. Free, NBA player nee Lloyd A. Free


Worthy Seaman


Wrencher Perez


Wyatt Earp, Currently lives in Monmouth, Il.


Yahynass Tubbs


Young Boozer Jr.


Youranice Campbell


Zhiavago Rambo


Zippidy Doda Day Jr.

Zippidy Doda Day Sr.

One of my co- workers received a crime report to follow up on. Zippidy Doda Day was named as a robbery victim. The detective thought someone was playing a practical joke on him. He called the phone number listed in the report and asked for Zippidy Doda Day. The lady that answered asked him if he wanted junior or senior.


Zowie Bijarro, I spoke with his father, who was a stabbing victim. He said that Zowie was named in honor of David Bowie's son


Zucchini McCoy


:D :D

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Guest 7126

yup really bored....i slept all day 2day since i came home from school...and now i cant sleep and its 12:20AM.. :o

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Originally posted by 7126

The Funny Names List



.38spec, First name only,her father's first name is Pistol



i told her slut mom it wasn't mine.

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could somebody crop that list down to the ones that might actually be mildly amusing?

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Guest spec
Originally posted by WhenOne

since i read through all that crap i felt the need to respond...

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i went to school with a guy called andrew bateson..even the teachers called him master bateson and !!!!! he lived in hand street !!! honest

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HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! THIS POST WAS DONE BLATENTLY BY A COP . I guess he thought the dumb graff kids would get a kick out of this post, I cant believe that shit!!!

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