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Europaint used by eurowriters...

Guest imported_Europe

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drewrite..I ask my self that question constantly..Maybe the not so ltalented are the ones pressing the product..


Europe is so beautiful in so many places..Its just so hard not to get rolled over or apon..You can leave a marker glued on the back door way of an alley..come back a year later and it will probably still be there...


[This message has been edited by SIELOETTE (edited 06-14-2001).]

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Guest SezOneSke&SonsIncCo

fuck that shit is hot! although i love sydney,australia work but thats coz i was razed here but all countries that crush are the shit!we shouldnt diss other countries coz they have it eazier or what ever..

world wide crushing is the shit!

But we gotta thank the USA for introducing the world to the movement!


i talk to much YAYYYY!!!

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my opinion on the paint you guys use...i hear it comes out smooth unlike the fast sprayin krylon we use here in the"new world"usa...it that true?

if so the things i could only imagine how much easier it would be!!!!!


but i love euro's shit i would like to live there but the risk of drowning is always there....thank you good-bye

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Guest dukeofyork

i love the art...even tho i love america, those colors are absolutely fucking beautiful...

if i could get my hands on those colors without it costing an arm and a leg, i would in a heartbeat...

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Guest imported_Europe
Originally posted by etchAsketch:

There's a sketch in europe? I knew there was one in mexico, and ny i think...

We got the world locked down now!


Check your Spraycan Art, theres stuff in it from Sketch in Copenhagen 1985

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