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DAILY comic strips


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yeah i know..i know..theres other threads....but they are long gone, and i figured what the hey...get some new ones in on this...


wonka where you at with that one strip you kept posting..? that shit was great..

dedicated to good comic strips, to entertain, feel free to add.





sorry for the quality on a few they were hard to find

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damn straight Calvin and Hobbes goes first.


um, what else do i like? Doonesbury, too.


for real, Lynn Johnston's For Better Or For Worse. i literally grew up with the characters. So real, from the mom, Ellie, getting menopause, to introducing a gay character, to Elizabeth's first real boyfriend, to Michael and his newlywed having a baby (she got delivered just a few days ago!).


Heart Of The City.


Non Sequitor.


Schultz's Peanuts Crew.


Wizard Of Id.


Blondie (reeeal long running).


Beetle Bailey (i love how they do crossovers with Hi & Lois).


so many more. I'll post them as I think of them. You better recognize that I read the comics daily.

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Those're good.



I like Dilbert by Scott Adams. Shit always gets me rolling.



Since you're posting Calvin and Hobbes, I'll post some Far Side

by Gary Larson in a while. I've got all the galleries plust the Last

Chapter... yeah I wish he'd come back.






And for ripping him off entirely, I'd like to publicly curse John McPherson

and his "far side" wannabe cartoon "Close to Home." This guy can't draw,

he's not funny, and he's disgracing the one panel cartoons everywhere.



Death. Oh, Death.

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